5 Best French Poker Sites

Online French Poker Rooms have been considerably regulated since 2010, and unfortunately for poker site operators and players alike, the regulations are relatively tight. Luckily, we have created this list, so that you can find the best French poker sites to play at, without any hassle.

At the end of this article, I will tell you all about the French poker laws and regulations, primarily the ARJEL, but first let’s look at the best French poker rooms to play at.

Best French Poker Sites Summary

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Editors Choice




PokerStars France Poker

  • ProsPROS
  • Largest poker network worldwide
  • Excellent software for all platforms
  • High levels of traffic
  • ConsCONS
  • Not much

PokerStars is the biggest poker network on the planet, and so it’s no surprise that they are also a quality and top French poker site. Unfortunately, since it’s forced to have a unique French player base, the levels of traffic aren’t as high as with Winamax. Beside this, PokerStars poses as a very decent French poker room.

The site has fantastic software, which of course is available across all operating systems. The most impressive features at PokerStars is the tournaments and cash games on offer. Whether you like SNGs, MTTs or just simple heads up poker, you’ll find something to suit your needs. With a sizeable welcome bonus, it’s hard to go wrong with PokerStars.

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2nd place




  • ProsPROS
  • Good level of cash and tournament traffic
  • Has superb reputation
  • Fantastic software
  • ConsCONS
  • Not the best for France poker

Winamax is French born and raised, so it’s no surprise that I believe that they are one of the best French poker site to play at. Of course, this fact alone wouldn’t warrant the position, but they excel in many other areas as well. First and foremost, French poker sites can only accept traffic from French players and as such the player pool is limited. Of this limited player pool, Winamax gets the most traffic with peaks of 3000+, and an average of 1300 players online. With the top French poker rooms, you’ll also find that most of the competition is somewhat weak.

Alongside a great user pool, Winamax also provides players with quality  software that makes gaming accessible. With apps and software for all operating systems, you’ll also be able to take your poker game wherever you’re going. Alongside the massive signup bonus, you’ll also find regular cash games and tournaments to play at, with high guaranteed rewards. While they only allow Omaha and Texas Holdem, on the whole, Winamax is by far the best French poker site.

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3rd place




  • ProsPROS
  • Very up to date and modern
  • Super promotions
  • Plenty of poker game variations
  • ConsCONS
  • No third-party software allowed

Party Poker is probably one of the most modern poker sites on the market today. While many networks have stayed with old designs, graphics, and settings, Party Poker has made a point of being the best in every aspect possible. This means that not only does it have superb graphics, it also has excellent functionality. While many might not think that the design is important, if you’re grinding all day long, you’re going to enjoy it a lot more if it doesn’t look like something from the 90s.

Party Poke has also focused extensively on putting the joy back into poker, and being more welcoming to casual players. As such, they have decided to ban all third party software. While we feel that this is slightly overkill, it has lead to PP becoming more beginner friendly and fun. They further promote fun with unique promotions and tournaments all year round. On the whole, a decent choice for any want to be French poker stars.

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4th place

Everest Poker


Everest Poker

  • ProsPROS
  • Great website
  • Fantastic Bonus
  • iPoker Playtech site
  • Interactive poker school
  • ConsCONS
  • Tables can be a bit empty

Like Paddy Power, Everest Poker, is also part of the iPoker network and as such has a significant backing for operating in France. In fact, Everest Poker has been so successful in France that it has nearly outgrown it’s normal network! If the French love it so much, it’s no surprise that it features as one of the best French online poker sites.

As with most companies, they have a solid welcome bonus, a good amount of tournaments and a pleasant playing experience. To help improve your game, Everest Poker also has a unique interactive poker school which should contribute to improving your game, with the hopes of becoming a shark. If you invest your time wisely, then Everest Poker is a reliable option for France.

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5th place

Paddy Power



  • ProsPROS
  • Part of the iPoker Network
  • Simple and well designed
  • Good poker guides and tips
  • ConsCONS
  • Top VIP levels can be hard to reach
  • Promotions are pretty standard

Despite the name, PaddyPower is not limited to Ireland only. As part of the iPoker Network, they are found in plenty of countries, as are most of the other iPoker sites. Paddy Power is considered to be one of the higher level sites of network. This is due to their efforts in providing player with a welcoming experience, generous bonus, and great playability.

Since they use the Playtech software, it’s not surprising that you’ll find plenty of choices for gaming. Alongside the classic Omaha and Texas Holdem, you will find Seven Card Stud, Hi/Lo variations, and a few other game types as well. While you won’t find anything outside the ordinary when it comes to tournaments and promotions, PaddyPower is a solid choice as French Poker site to play your poker chips at.

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French Poker Site Considerations

While poker didn’t originate in France, the 52-card deck that it is played with did! Despite this, the world of French poker is somewhat interesting and, in all honesty, somewhat limiting.

Best French Poker RoomsIs Online Poker Legal in France?

Yes, 100%. Online Poker was legalized in 2010 for French residents. Unfortunately, when this came into effect, the law stipulated some factors that have made the French online poker scene difficult, especially for the providers. Firstly, the websites must be running on a .fr domain extension, while this doesn’t pose huge problems, it is somewhat of an odd requirement. Alongside this, the poker sites are forced to accept traffic from French and EU players only.

Secondly, and more importantly, there is a 2% tax on all poker games – cash and tournament. This is a very sizeable amount and is the reason some companies didn’t stay in the French market, as it didn’t make financial sense to them. Of the enterprises that have remained in the market, some pass this onto the players in the form of increased rake, and some pay it out of their own pocket. For example, this is one of the reasons that 888 poker has withdrawn from the market, even though they own 888poker.fr.

Thirdly, all poker sites operating in France must poses and ARJEL license (L’Autorité de régulation des Jeux en ligne – The Regulatory Authority of Online Games). ARJEL licenses have been issued since 2012 and are required for any poker site wishing to operate in France. Of course, they must also be able to pay the 2% licensing fee. The problem with the license is that it can be extremely hard to acquire a take several months, even the best French poker sites took months to get theirs.

Online French Poker Rooms Traffic

Because of all the limitations of on online poker rooms in France, the traffic is somewhat lower than worldwide. However, the country has been growing massively and is considered one of the top countries regarding traffic.

French Poker Rooms Traffic
French Poker Room Traffic according to PokerScout

Registering for a French Poker Room

Like with most poker sites, French poker sites require identification for you to be allowed to play. However, to play at a poker room in France, this gets taken a step further. When you register, you will be sent a special code to the address you’ve registered with. If you do not confirm this code within 30 days, then you will be kicked out of the poker room. This method was put in place to ensure that the poker sites are only accepting traffic from French residents.

Live French Poker Tournaments

While due to the regulations, the income generated by French poker sites has been on the decline, there has been a substantial growth in tournaments. Not only is there a French Poker Series (presented by PokerStars), but the European Poker Tour also features two stops in France: one in Paris and the other in Deauville.

France Poker Summary

On the whole, the France Poker scheme is superb and offers some great gaming opportunity. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, have a look at our recommendations once more.

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