5 Biggest Online Poker Sites – Most Popular Poker Rooms

When it comes to online poker, there are many sites from which to choose. No matter which game you play, there are dozens of poker rooms where you can compete against players from all around the world. But what if you want the best of the best? How can you determine which sites are A) the most popular, B) have the most games, and C) give you the gameplay that you want? Fear not, poker friend, for we have scoured the ends of the internet to bring you the top five most popular, indeed the biggest online poker rooms you can find. Really, the biggest question you’ll have is whether or not you should sign up for all of them.

5 Biggest Online Poker Sites – Summary

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Editors Choice




Biggest Online Poker Site

  • ProsPROS
    • Top poker site in the world
    • Most action of any site online
    • Many games options
    • Lots of tournaments and freerolls
    • Perfect for multi-tabling
  • ConsCONS
    • Not open to US Players

If having the most traffic means that you’re the top website in the world, then Pokerstars has that title in spades. For the last few years, Pokerstars has become the premier source of online poker and gambling, and it’s easy to see why. With many different games to choose from and non-stop action 24 hours a day, you can spend more time on here than with your kids (not that we condone that type of behavior). Simply put, Pokerstars is where all the action is, so you should be too.

Pokerstars is also a great site for anyone who wants to compete in tournaments against some of the best players in the world. The level of competition on this site is heavy, so you will almost definitely improve your poker skills after some time on the tables. Best of all, the site has tons of option for both low and high stakes games, so you can find the right amount of action you want. Truly the biggest online poker gets!

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2nd place

888 Poker



  • ProsPROS
    • Large signup bonus
    • Second largest site regarding traffic
    • Soft competition
    • Lots of action 24/7
  • ConsCONS
    • Not open to US players
    • Limited game offerings

When comparing the two largest poker sites, both 888 and Pokerstars have a similar amount of traffic. However, what sets 888 Poker apart is the added freeroll bonus you get when you signup, as well as the overall competition. At Pokerstars, the tables can be ruthless, but at 888 you can usually find a lot more casual players.

What also makes 888 a great site to join is the fact that they offer a wide variety of tournaments every day. One of the best ways to make big bucks is to enter a tournament, so take advantage of that while you’re online.

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3rd place

Party Poker



  • ProsPROS
    • Relaxed atmosphere
    • Third largest regarding traffic
    • Decent game variation
  • ConsCONS
    • Software is lacking
    • Not as much high-limit action as other sites

There was a time when Party Poker was the biggest online poker room in the world. However, it got most of its players from the US, and when the government cracked down on online gambling in 2006, a huge chunk of Party Poker’s clientele went up in smoke. These days, however, the site is poised to make a comeback and boasts some impressive numbers with regards to daily traffic.

Like 888 Poker, this place is also perfect for the casual player. Most of the tables have new and inexperienced players who are just looking for a good time, so you can take advantage of that however you see fit. Whether you’re inexperienced yourself or are a shark looking for an easy meal, Party Poker is where it’s at.

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4th place

William Hill



  • ProsPROS
    • Europe’s largest poker site
    • Multiple game styles available
    • Large signup bonus
  • ConsCONS
    • Not open to US players
    • Limited high stakes offerings

Although it may be hard to believe, William Hill has been around since 1934. Obviously, it hasn’t been an online poker room this whole time, otherwise, our history books left out some critical information. In fact, William Hill began as a bookkeeping service for gamblers in the UK, and recently it has expanded to become part of one of the largest online gambling providers in the world, the iPoker network.

What is great about William Hill is that the site offers a wide selection of games. If you’re tired of the same Omaha and Hold Em tables, come on down to William Hill and try your luck at various Stud Poker games as well as casino style games like blackjack and roulette.

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5th place

Titan Poker



  • ProsPROS
    • Huge signup bonus
    • Fifth largest regarding traffic
    • Excellent VIP scheme
  • ConsCONS
    • Limited game offerings
    • No real high-limit tables

Finally, we come to Titan Poker. This site does not have quite as much action as some of the others on this list, but you shouldn’t discredit it for that. Titan has one of the best signup bonuses and VIP schemes around, so they are definitely a contender when it comes to the best overall poker room.

Another reason to sign up for Titan is the variety of competition you can find on the tables. This site attracts both fresh, inexperienced players as well as some of the best poker sharks in the world, so you can get as much, or as little, action as you want.

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Most Popular Poker Site Considerations

What are the Advantages of the Biggest Online Poker sites?

When it comes to poker, it should be obvious that if more people sign up for a site, there must be something magnificent about it. However, if you’re a little skeptical about why you should join the biggest poker rooms here are the top five reasons.

Unlimited Action

Depending on what time of day you play, some rooms may have enough action for you, some may not. By signing up for a site with the top traffic, however, ensures that you can find the right table to play at any time of day or night. Since these sites pull players from around the world, peak traffic times ebb and flow as different parts of the globe go to sleep and wake up. In short, you’ll never be short on action.

Secure Transactions

Since the top traffic poker rooms process so many transactions all day long, they have to be exceptional at making sure that they’re customers are satisfied. After all, if people didn’t feel safe depositing their money to the site, it would lose business quickly. Thus, by joining a big site you are assured that everything relating to your financial information will be secure, as will your personal information.

Better Competition

More players on the site means more competition, and for a true poker player, this is why you play. You can only get better by playing people who are better than you, and top poker sites will give you that experience every time you play. Also, these sites bring in a lot of new players and fish, so you can then use your skills to make easy money.

Better Rewards and Bonuses

While this is not a hard and fast rule, generally speaking, the larger sites will be able to offer much more incentives and bonuses than smaller sites, simply because they can take in more money from the sheer number of games. Also, VIP schemes can be much more enticing on the bigger sites, since they can offer many more benefits.

Biggest Online Poker Tournaments

At the big sites, tournaments can have huge payouts since they can attract more players. Thus, if you want to win big money at a tournament, you have to go through a big site to find the amount of action you want. Also, larger sites typically can act as proxy servers for tournaments like the World Series of Poker, meaning you can compete for those types of games as well.

Disadvantages of Big Poker Sites

Although there are plenty of reasons to sign up for a big poker site, there can be some downsides as well.

Fierce Competition

If you’re new to the world of online poker, then joining a big site can be daunting at first. Since you will be playing against the best in the world, you may find it a lot harder than your average poker game with your friends. For those who are just looking to have fun, big sites may be too cutthroat for you. If in doubt, you can find out how to avoid poker sharks from our guide.

Tables Fill Up Fast

Although most of the big sites do try to accommodate all players online at a time, there can still be issues. The wait time for certain games may be long because the tables fill up fast, and you may lose out on a seat. While this is not a problem that you’ll often encounter, when it does happen it can be frustrating.

Longer Wait for Money Withdrawal

Since these sites process so many transactions, typically you’ll have to wait a few days (even as long as a week) to get any winnings. Also, most of these sites have strict withdrawal caps so they won’t have to pay out so much money at once.

Biggest Online Poker

How is Traffic Monitored?

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to check and verify traffic on these sites, so it’s very easy to monitor how many players are online at a time. Typically, the site itself will keep track of who is accessing it, and it may also send that information to other web pages that specifically monitor online poker traffic (such as PokerScout).  Usually, the number that is generated is just the amount of cash players on the tables at any given time. However, some monitoring sites will also tell you how many players are logged in but not necessarily playing. They can also show you how many players are in tournaments.

How Does Site Traffic Vary?

Most often the traffic for a particular site varies throughout the day as different regions experience peak traffic times. Since these sites have clients from all over, the fluctuation will be minimal, since as some locations go to sleep, other parts of the globe wake up and start playing. Time zones, geographical areas, and different countries all have their own peak times which can affect the overall flow of traffic to the site.

Do the Biggest Online Poker Sites Have the Best Bonuses?

As a rule, they do, since they generate more money than the smaller sites. Since they make more overall from their customers, big poker sites can typically offer the greatest bonuses and rewards. If this list hasn’t whet your appetite, there are yet more on our list of best poker bonuses.

Biggest Poker Sites Summary

These five most popular poker sites provide you with the most competition to play against.  This means you can play at any time, and almost always against somebody new.  We hope that you found the information here useful. Good luck playing at the biggest online poker sites around!

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