5 Best Indonesian Poker Sites

As online poker grows in popularity, it is slowly encircling the globe and becoming the premiere source of gambling for many people around the world. One place that is feeling the poker itch is Indonesia. This is all the more impressive when you consider that, since the country is under Muslim law, all forms of gambling are illegal in the country. Nevertheless, Indonesian Poker is really starting to take off.

Despite the inherent risk of gambling, Indonesian players are fast becoming one of the top group of people on online poker communities. While there obviously cannot be any sites hosted in Indonesia itself, many locals are turning to foreign-hosted sites and playing in the comfort of their own home. Today we’ll look at some of the best online sites for Indonesians. Just be smart and careful about it, and you should be fine.

Best Indonesian Poker Site Summary

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Best Indonesian Poker Site

  • ProsPROS
  • Huge online poker community
  • Soft competition from players
  • Many deposit options including EntroPay
  • Lots of freeroll options
  • Excellent graphics and software
  • ConsCONS
  • Limited game offerings

The first site on our list is the ubiquitous 888 poker. What makes this a great website for Indonesians is that it’s based in Gibraltar, far from Indonesian law. There is a huge player pool here, of all abilities. The big action from this site appeals to both newbies and professionals, so you’re sure to find everything you need.

Another reason to join 888 is the plethora of deposit and withdrawal options available. Since the site has so much traffic from around the world, they accept many methods of payment, so you’re ready to go no matter what.

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2nd place




  • ProsPROS
  • Ideal for recreational players
  • Lots of competition from around the world
  • Big tournament schedule
  • User Friendly
  • ConsCONS
  • Few high-limit games
  • Charges on withdrawals

Next on our list is Party Poker. What makes this site ideal for Indonesians is the fast and easy gameplay. Although the Indonesian government probably won’t be able to trace your account, it’s always nice to be able to play quickly and efficiently, just to be safe.

Another reason to join Party Poker is the vast tournament schedule and amount of action. Whether you’re a poker pro or a fish, you can find a table that meets your skill set, so you aren’t breaking the bank without even having a chance.

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3rd place




  • ProsPROS
  • Secure connection
  • Asian languages available
  • No software download required
  • ConsCONS
  • Customer support is somewhat lacking
  • Can take a while for withdrawals to process

As one of the premier online poker rooms in the Far East, Dafabet does its job of drawing in and entertaining a mostly Asian crowd. While other sites on this list are based in European countries and usually cater to the Western world. Dafabet has many benefits to Asian citizens, including multiple languages offered, like Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Thai. Additionally, this site offers casino games like Blackjack and Baccarat, for those who aren’t always into poker.

Another reason to join Dafabet is that the site does not require a download version of its software, and it has an excellent encryption. This means that you can play on Dafabet without worrying about any prying eyes. You can also play on almost any device since you don’t need to download anything. That makes this site perfect for on-the-go gamblers as well.

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4th place




  • ProsPROS
  • Quick access to games
  • Extra features to help you track your progress
  • No download version available
  • ConsCONS
  • Takes up valuable resources on your computer
  • Exchange rates may not be up to date

Next on our list is Bwin Poker. What makes this a great site for Indonesian players is the no-download feature. Much like Dafabet, you don’t need special software to run your game, so you can play from anywhere without risking leaving evidence. Also, you have quick access to tables, so you don’t need to spend precious time trying to find the right game.

The other thing that makes Bwin great is the extra player features, like hand tracking and statistics. For serious players, these features can be invaluable to improving your game strategy, even if it means that the site takes up more RAM on your computer.

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5th place




  • ProsPROS
  • Speed poker available
  • Lots of traffic
  • Large tournament payouts
  • ConsCONS
  • Minimal design layout
  • Limited game offerings

Last on our list is Winner Poker. Indonesian players will like this site because of the amount of action available 24/7, and the big tournament offerings. Tournaments are a great way to earn money for Indonesians, and Winner Poker has some of the largest tournaments of any online poker room.

Additionally, this site is also great because you have speed options available, so you can play on the go and get your fix without devoting a ton of time. If you don’t want people to ask questions, then speed poker is the way to go.

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Useful Information for Indonesian Poker Players

Despite poker’s illegal status in the country, Indonesia has produced some of the top poker players in the world. Surely, these men have practiced their skills legally (ahem), and it’s just a coincidence that they come from a country that explicitly forbids gambling of any kind. Here are the top five Indonesian poker players.

  • John Juanda: $15 Million in total winnings so far, over ten title finishes in the World Series of Poker
  • Darus Suharto: Over $2 Million in total earnings, multiple placements in the WSOP
  • Winfred Yu: $1.29 total winnings, high placement in many Asia Poker tournaments
  • Bryan Huang: Almost $600,000 in total winnings so far
  • Celina Lin: Over $350,000 in total winnings

Online Poker in Indonesia – Money Transfer

Although gambling is highly illegal, it’s not like the government will be checking your bank statements or online transactions to make sure that you’re not engaging in any criminal activity. Thus, making deposits and withdrawals to your personal bank account is relatively easy, and there are many options from which to choose.


Most of the sites listed offer straight up bank transfers from their accounts to yours. Simply enter your bank information and they will deposit the money, usually within a day or so. To expedite this process, you can speak to a customer representative from the poker site to find out which bank(s) the site likes to work with. If possible, try to make a transfer to one of the site’s preferred banks, so the process is much easier and faster.

Credit Cards

Almost all online poker sites accept the major credit cards like Visa or Mastercard. While you may not be able to withdraw money to put on your card, this is a perfect way to deposit money into your gaming account. The only thing to keep in mind is that you will have much higher interest accrued with this method.


If you’re familiar with EntroPay, this can be a good way to deposit funds into your poker account. The way this system works is that you get a “virtual” Visa card to use as a regular credit card, meaning you can deposit funds into your poker account. The downside of this method is that you incur fees from EntroPay, and there are minimum balances that you have to have.


For most Asian and Southeast Asian countries, AsiaPay88 is a great way to handle your finances, including online poker transactions. Not all sites offer this system, but if they do and you’re not familiar with it, they should be able to walk you through the steps required.

Mandiri Card

For many local Indonesians, their bank of choice is Bank Mandiri. As the largest bank in Indonesia, Mandiri customers should be able to handle all of their deposit and withdrawals through a debit card from the bank. Not all poker sites accept Mandiri cards, however, so you’ll have to check first.

Don’t forget you can always use our Comparison Tool to find which sites support your preferred payment and withdrawal method.

Indonesian Poker

Indonesian Poker Destinations

For local Indonesians who want to play poker without the constant threat of beatings or police raids, some major poker destinations are a relative hop, skip, and couple hour flight away. Here are the top poker destinations for Indonesians who don’t like the smell of stale cigarette smoke and want to keep all their teeth.


As the closest gambling option to many Indonesians, Singapore is by far the quickest and easiest way to get your fix without having to fly across the world. There are two major casinos in Singapore that offer all kinds of gaming options. The first is the Resort World Sentosa, which opened recently and can boast a 161,500 square foot gaming floor.

The second resort in Singapore is the Marina Bay Sands, so named after the Sands Casino in Las Vegas. This place has over 500 table games, so you can find all the action you need.


Outside of Singapore, the only other casino resort in Malaysia is the Resorts World Genting. This place has it all: dining, shows, golf, and, most importantly, gambling. This resort has over 400 tables to choose from, so you can get your fix anytime.


If you’re looking for one of the top gaming destinations in the world, you can’t do much worse than Macau. This hot spot is fast becoming one of the top poker cities in both China and the globe. With dozens of casinos and a strip that outclasses Vegas, you can play as much poker as you can handle.


When most people think of gambling, Australia is usually not at the top of the list. However, the land down under has a dozen world-class casinos and resorts to choose from, and its relative closeness to Indonesia make it a great option for anyone looking for poker. Australia even has its own version of the World Series of Poker, so you can compete with internationally ranked players if you are so inclined.

Best Indonesian Poker Site Conclusion

There are many hurdles on the way to playing poker online successfully if you are Indonesian. However, these can be overcome, and the sites we’ve listed here are the best for helping you over those hurdles.  We hope you also found the supplementary information useful and wish you luck becoming one of the top names in Indonesian Poker!

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