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Are you looking for a poker website that lets you play for real money?  With so many choices out there, picking the right site for you can be troublesome.  Things to consider when looking for your new poker website are traffic, opponent’s skill levels, bonuses, matches, and customer support.  While these are important factors, don’t forget about the one feature all sites have that keeps players coming back: poker VIP programs.

VIP programs are a way for poker sites to reward customer loyalty and regular play.  In a nutshell, the more you play, the more you earn.  Every poker site has a VIP program, but they are not all the same.  Some sites count your total points every month, while others keep a running total.  Some have three VIP levels, while others have six or above!  As a new internet poker player, the VIP system on the site you select is critical.  Promotions, tournaments, and prizes keep players interested and coming back.  So make sure you are comfortable with the VIP program on your new poker site.

Since poker VIP programs are so important in finding the right online poker site, we’ve made this list of the five best online poker rewards and VIP programs.  Choosing a site with a program that you enjoy can make your poker playing experience much more enjoyable.

Best Poker VIP Program Summary

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Editors Choice




Best Poker VIP Program

  • ProsPROS
  • Large selection of games
  • Huge prize pools
  • Most peak hour players
  • Biggest poker site in the world
  • Session statistics and hand history
  • ConsCONS
  • High tournament player volumes

PokerStars is quite simply the biggest poker website in the world.  This site averages 17,000 players at any time and hits 300,000 during peak hours.  With the high number of players, you can always find a table that you like at all periods of the day.  This site has many high-profile ambassadors and celebrities associated with it, so many new players quickly recognize it.  High traffic numbers always translate to less skill at each table so that you can build up your bankroll quickly.

The VIP club at PokerStars is pretty straightforward.  All players in cash games are VIP club members.  As players spend money, they earn StarsCoins valued at $.01 each.  As StarsCoins are earned, VIP status goes up as goals are reached.  Players start at Bronze level, and can advance to Chrome, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Supernova.  VIP level, StarsCoins earned, and multipliers all go up as money is gambled.  StarsCoins can be redeemed for cash, prizes, or tournament entry fees.  Freerolls are available for each VIP level, with increasing cash prizes.  As the largest poker website, PokerStars offers the most tournaments with the biggest prize pools to attract even more players.

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100% bonus match up to $600!

2nd place




  • ProsPROS
  • Appeals to big spenders
  • Highest bonus anywhere
  • Linked to sports and casino
  • Great new mobile apps for Android and iPhone
  • ConsCONS
  • Limited players for some games
  • Skilled level of competition

Titan Poker is a medium-sized poker site that caters to bigger spenders.  Higher limits and larger pots are the main attraction here.  The selection of games is impressive on Titan Poker, as is the top-quality software.  Beginners beware, the opportunity to win more money attracts the sharks.  This website has the highest match bonus and is linked with sports wagering and casino sites for your convenience.  Titan Poker is a poker site that delivers great gameplay in a fresh environment.

There are two types of points used in the Titan Poker VIP program.  Titan Points are earned each time a player contributes money to a hand (rake).  The total number of Titan Points accumulated is used to determine a player’s VIP level.  The more money you play, the higher your VIP level will be.  Higher VIP levels lead to larger rewards and opportunities to play for bigger cash prizes.  The other points used on this site are Club Points.  Club points are awarded to players based on their VIP level, and can be redeemed for cash bonuses or tournament tokens.  Tournament tokens are used to “buy in” to various tournaments.  As I mentioned before, Titan Poker caters to upper-end players, and the VIP program reflects that.

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3rd place




  • ProsPROS
  • Lots of beginners
  • Good bonus and lots of freerolls
  • Easy to use software
  • ConsCONS
  • Customer service could be improved
  • Basic software

Party Poker is a great poker website that concentrates on the players having fun.  The software is easy to use and very well done.  Average traffic on the site is 1,000 players, so finding a good game isn’t an issue.  This site is growing rapidly, so the level of competition tends to be a bit weak.  Players looking for a game of stud can also find that here.  If you’re looking to build up your bankroll, this might be the site for you.

The loyalty program at Party Poker is straightforward.  Players earn loyalty points every time they play poker, casino, and sports platforms.  The total number of loyalty points earned determines reliability level.  The four loyalty levels are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Palladium.  Points can be redeemed for tournament tickets or cash in the loyalty store.  The fact that points can be earned for all betting makes this one of the best loyalty programs in the business.  Players appreciate that the program is easy to understand.

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4th place




  • ProsPROS
  • $3500 in freerolls for new players
  • Great player rewards program
  • Full casino for all of your betting needs
  • ConsCONS
  • Higher rake
  • No live support available

888 Poker caters to new players to grow its traffic numbers.  Beginners will love all of the freerolls available after their first deposit, as well as the natural competition.  The rake here is slightly higher compared to other poker sites.  Players who want to get in more hands per hour will love the SNAP poker option, which allows you to fold quickly and get a new hand at another table.  888 Poker has mobile apps for your Android, iPhone, or tablet so you can play virtually anywhere.

The loyalty program on 888 Poker is called 888 Poker Club.  This program is different from others in that it doesn’t reset every month, and is not limited to rake to earn points.  This new loyalty system is much more attractive to recreational players than traditional programs.  Points can be earnt playing poker, sports betting, or casino gaming.  Gold tokens are awarded to players each time they level up in the loyalty program.  Tokens can be redeemed for bonuses, cash, and prizes.  Free tournaments are available to all players, with prizes totaling $100,000 every month.  In my opinion, this revolutionary program is sure to gain 888 Poker many new customers.

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5th place




  • ProsPROS
  • No download version available
  • Excellent software and graphics
  • Sportsbook and Casino
  • ConsCONS
  • Low average traffic numbers
  • Limited games available

Betfair Poker is an established site in the poker industry.  As a member of the iPoker network, rest assured that the customer service is top-notch.  This site is geared toward recreational players, so the competition level is low here.  Apps are available for all mobile devices.  The match is 200% up to $1500, but the low stakes here may make some players reconsider.  I suspect that is one way that Betfair keeps the pros away.  For beginner players, this is a great poker site to get your feet wet without any major risks.  Sports wagering and casino are available here as well.

All players on Betfair Poker are VIP Club members.  Players earn Status Points from play to determine their VIP Club level each month.  There are three VIP levels.  They are Bronze, Silver, and Gold.  Each level is associated with a multiplier.  The multipliers are 3x, 3x, and 5.25x, respectively.  The multiplier is applied to a player’s Status Points total to determine the number of VIP Poker Points they receive.  VIP Poker Points can be redeemed for bonus cash.  VIP status of each player is reset every month.  This is a very traditional loyalty program, which works for the grinders.  Occasional players will find it useless.  This style of VIP program is consistent across iPoker websites.

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Poker VIP Program Considerations


When browsing VIP programs, the first thing you need to figure out is how often you intend to play.  If you’re an occasional player, you’re never going to level up on a VIP program that resets every month.  You want a VIP program that keeps your total running over time.  If you’re a daily player, you need to set some goals.  Leveling up is always better for the player, not the poker site.  Make sure that you are being rewarded for your continued play.  If you don’t feel appreciated, the program isn’t working for you.

Poker VIP Programs and Rewards

Online Poker Rewards

Don’t just settle for cash prizes.  Loyalty points are worth a minute fraction of cash, so you need a massive amount to be worth anything.  I recommend looking for VIP programs that have other ways to use your points.  Many sites have an online store with merchandise that you can buy with loyalty points.  Others award seats in large-prize tournaments in exchange for points.  Others allow you to place bets in their sportsbook or casino using your points.  Don’t forget that leveling up also gets you access to bigger money freeroll tournaments.  While cash is still king, it’s nice to have other options.

Best Poker VIP Program Summary

Choosing a poker website isn’t easy.  Choosing one with a VIP program that you’re comfortable with can be even harder.  All five of these poker sites have great VIP programs, but they might not be the one you are looking for.  If you need any more help finding a poker site that’s right for you, then browse through our reviews.

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