Adda52 Poker – Review and Bonus [2017]

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Review of: Adda52
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On February 5, 2016
Last modified:January 23, 2017


Claiming to be the top Indian Poker site, after reading this Adda52 review and claiming your Adda52 bonus you'll completely agree with us.

Adda52 Bonus

Adda52 Poker Summary

Playing poker at Adda52 is a great experience, as I intend to convey in this online Adda52 Poker Review.  There are many online poker sites to choose from in 2016.  The competition is stiff, and they are all vying for your attention at their poker tables!  The name of this game is attraction.  Adda52 does an excellent job in attracting and keeping their players.  Once on their website and playing their tables, you’ll appreciate the product they offer.

They are a new company out of India that is rapidly gaining in followers and players throughout the online gaming community.  You can play Texas Hold’em, and Omaha on the site as well as many other types of card games.  But here the focus in poker.  Let me take you on a tour of Add52 and all that the site has to offer.

Adda52 Bonus

Relatively new to the online gambling industry, Adda52 Poker is working hard to gain players in what amounts to an ever-increasingly competitive industry.  There are a lot of start-up companies out there trying to grab a piece of this market.  One way to get some of the action is to start new customers off with a great bonus scheme.

At Adda52, the gift entails a match of your first deposit funds up to 100% and a maximum of INR. 10,000 (approximately $150).  This bonus at Adda52 poker is referred to as the Unclaimed Bonus.  Not a bad deal at all.

Rewards of this sort need to be earned.  Receiving the matching bonus on Adda52 means playing poker!  The more poker you play online, the more Adda52 takes in rake, and tournament fees.  These fees and rake translate into the releasing of matching cash that you can use to play more poker!  Taking advantage of this first deposit bonus is a no-brainer if you are a dedicated poker player.

As well as the bonus scheme at Adda52, there is also a very sturdy VIP structure offered to new players by the company.  I will get into some of these details later in this article, so keep on reading!

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Games and Features

At Adda52 Poker, you’ll be able to play Texas Hold’em at cash tables, multi-table tournaments, Sit & Go Tournaments, Freeroll tournaments or in a no-limit Format.  You’ll also get some serious Omaha Poker action in pot-limit, no-limit, or fixed-limit formats.

Test your poker abilities by playing some of their bounty games, in which you’ll have a chance to take out some of the best players the site has to offer.  Maybe you will be one of them?

If you need a change from poker, Adda52 has many other options to choose from.  They have rummy, chess, pool (billiards), bridge, Tic-Tac-Toe, Word Jumble, and even golf as alternatives to poker.  But while these games may be fun, this is a review of poker at Adda52, and so I’ll get on with it!

Some features that Adda52 adds to poker distinguish these folks from others in the industry.  They allow auto rebuy into tournament games, up to 5 tables can be played simultaneously, and auto top up is permitted in cash games.  Automation features such as these make the redundancy of manual entries obsolete.  Good stuff!

Adda52 also has player notes and the Buddy Center features.  From here you can keep some personal notes regarding your playing ability and strategies, as well as watch how your friends are playing. Invite your friends to a tournament if you would like to as well!

Adda52 Download

Software and Applications

The software used on Adda52 is of good quality which makes for a pleasant experience on the tables.  Basically, any operating system except Mac is compatible, and there are apps available for Android or iOS users to play poker in the mobile setting.

Adda52 Software

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Promotions and VIP Scheme

If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a thousand time more!  Good promotions are good business!  This is a simple concept that others in the industry have either figured out or will soon.  For myself, I like to go where the money is.  At Adda52, the money is in the promotions.  This is spot on business sense by the folks at Adda52 Poker!

First, what’s nearly as good as cash?  How about a trip to Vegas?  Yes, at Adda52 the loyalty points you earn on both VIP and non-VIP tables add up to a chance for a ticket to the World’s Largest Poker Event right in Vegas.

Join in on the month-long Poker Millionaire Tour.  This is an entire month of tournament style poker with huge payouts.  Remember as well, that as you play, you’ll be earning loyalty points which count both towards your first deposit bonus match as well as towards your VIP level!

With a chance to win INR. 60,000 on a daily basis, All Time Poker is one of the hottest tournaments out there.  The buy-ins for these tournaments are very low, and the payouts are great!

Need a new iPhone?  The iPhone 6 Freeroll tournament is a month long event that gives you chances at a sizable prize pool as well as a new iPhone 6!

Then there’s the VIP scheme.  At Adda52, you will be rewarded for your loyalty.  As you play, you will earn loyalty points.  Once you’ve reached certain thresholds, you will advance to the next VIP level.  These levels are determined monthly, and climbing this ladder is a function of how often you play.  The more, the better.

Below is a table which outlines this VIP structure.  Remember points are used for cash and other prizes at Adda52 Poker!

Adda52 VIP

Customer Service and Support

Customer service at Adda52 poker is available from 11 AM to 11 PM Monday through Saturday via email and telephone.  There is no Live Chat, Skype, or another forum to communicate with customer service at Adda52.

While these limitations may be unfortunate, the agents do speak English and are very helpful and knowledgeable.

Adda52 Support

Company Information

Fairly new on the scene, Adda52 was established in 2012.  The vision of the company was to introduce poker as a game to India as well as to create a worldwide source for playing poker online.  Poker has appeal amongst many in the younger set in India, and savvy company execs have made links with Bollywood and cricket players and team owners alike.

One unique aspect of playing poker online with Adda52 is that you are not playing directly for cash.  Don’t worry, you are paid out in cash.  But, because of existing Indian Law, the owners had to figure a legal way to skirt the current regulations.  They do this by awarding cash points to players and then purchasing these cash points.  Bottom line- you are paid in cash!

Famous Adda52 Ambassadors

Adda52 Poker has Team Spades.  These gentlemen amount to India’s first official professional poker team.  They are Amit Jain, Kunal Patni, Muskan Sethi, and Aditya Sushant.  They are actually poker geniuses, and have made quite a splash in the online poker world and within the country of India itself.

Team Spades represents Adda52 in all of their tournament and cash poker event played within India and worldwide.  You will also have the chance to play against these guys on the site.  Try some of the Bounty Poker games to get your hits in against this guys!

Adda52 Ambassadors Team Spades

Adda52 Poker Review Conclusion

We liked:

  • Dominates the Indian poker market
  • Rummy available alongside Omaha and Texas Holdem Poker
  • Great VIP program
  • Play on your computer and mobile

We weren’t so sure about:

  • Maximum of 5 tables instead of the industry 6

For a new company, Adda52 has already left its mark on the online Poker scene.  It is interesting to play poker in a country where poker is a fairly new concept.  Still, this has not prevented some great talent from rising up through the poker VIP ranks on the website!  Don’t be fooled by the large amount of soft competition, you will be challenged on Adda52 by some of the Team Spade members, these guys are good!  I like a challenge though.

Adda52 has software which has plenty of automated features to make playing poker online a more pleasurable experience.  The company also offers world class promotions to players which if you are on the top of your game, can make you rich!  Pay-outs occur in a timely manner, and the company has not had any major red flags that might make a player feel differently or nervous about playing on the site.  Customer service could use some more options, say, a Live Chat feature or multiple language support.  These details are minor in the overall scheme of things, however.

I would recommend giving Adda52 Poker a try.  These are up and comers, with a good chance of becoming a big deal in India and by extension, worldwide.

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I'm a tech geek who enjoys extreme sports, computing and, of course, an avid poker enthusiast.

One response to “Adda52 Poker – Review and Bonus [2017]

    I will advise against joining Adda52 at all costs. This site is monitored by thugs who will con you, no matter how good you are at poker. I would like to share my experience. I am a decent player who has played and won money in online poker on almost all Indian poker sites. Many of these are fishy, but not half as much as Adda52. So whenever I used to play on Adda52, despite being in a good position where I was sure that I would win, I used to lose to bad beat. If this had happened once, I would have understood, but the same thing kept on repeating with me. I am certain that there is something really shady about Adda52. The gameplay is not fair at all. On other occasions, I felt like the players and hands didn’t make sense. It seemed they knew everything beforehand. When I took the matter up with their customer care executives, they had no explanation for it. So I suggest you switch to a site that is fair in its gameplay. I have been playing on Khelplay since a while; this site seems reliable to me so far. I have made good money from this site.

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