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On July 30, 2016
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In this 2016 BetOnline Poker Review, we consider all the important factors of BetOnline poker, from bonuses to legality. Read on to see for yourself!

BetOnline Poker Bonus

BetOnline Poker Review Summary

BetOnline has had a significant presence and performance in the online gaming community since 1991. They deliver an exciting and dynamic experience, and by reading this BetOnline Poker review, you’ll find out just how much for yourself. However, be aware that no official legal entity licenses BetOnline.


  • ProsPROS
  • Simple VIP Scheme
  • Has been operating for 15 years
  • Plenty of deposit options
  • ConsCONS
  • Unlicensed
  • Has a convoluted nature

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The Sportsbook section offers the odds in all major sports and leagues which include the NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA basketball and football just to name a few. BetOnline has their own Stats Center, complete with wagering trends. This stats hub allows you to keep track of games and scores quickly. For those who may not follow sports as in depth as we do, BetOnline is designed to offer you opportunities to wager in many other realms. Odds are available for every aspect of politics and entertainment, and new ones are regularly added.

If sports, horses or politics are not in your interest to wager on, BetOnline also offers a brand new, state-of-the-art live virtual Casino, featuring a full selection of table and card games such as Hold ‘Em, Keno, and Blackjack. However, in this BetOnline review, we shall focus solely on the poker aspects. So let’s keep going, and look at their bonuses, VIP schemes and more.

BetOnline Poker Bonus

BetOnline Poker offers an extensive range of promotions for their poker players, and for those looking to wager on sports, or gamble in their online casino as well. The most important of these, of course, is the welcome bonus. You’ll be happy to know, that with the initial BetOnline bonus you can double your initial investment. They provide a 100% signup bonus up to $1000.

Like with most poker sites, you have to progress through stages to be able to claim this bonus. Unlike most poker sites, and very interestingly, this isn’t automated. You have to send an email to with the subject provided on the promo page if you’d like to claim this. We’re not sure why they’ve done this, and we hope they simplify it in the future.

BetOnline has numerous methods to keep players interested, and loyal, some of which we’ve tested throughout this BetOnline review. We will look at the VIP Scheme, one of the most important aspects of a poker review, later on in this BetOnline review, but first, let’s have a look at some of the other BetOnline bonuses and promotions.

Alongside the match bonus and VIP scheme, BetOnline offers plenty of weekly tournaments with massive guaranteed prizes. The biggest of these is the $90,000 guaranteed every weekend, and while it’s not as big as PokerStars’ $1million, we wouldn’t complain about winning it. Alongside these, there are also cash races and leaderboard challenges to keep you entertained, which on the whole provides BetOnline with a solid promotions strategy.

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Games and Features

While Texas Holdem is the most popular poker format, there are many styles of poker to be played. Unfortunately, BetOnline only supports Texas Hold’em and Omaha, the latter of which in a few different formats such as Hi/Lo and High.

Stakes range from the classic $0.01 to $5/$10, with average pot sizes verging around $0.50-$1. These low limits mean that for anyone looking to play poker on a serious level, BetOnline will not be the best poker site for you. Since Omaha is less famous, the limits there are even smaller. The biggest issue we had on this front, however, was that you couldn’t download the software without depositing some money and of course this means that there is no free-play option either.

We gave the BetOnline casino and sports section a quick test as well. While it worked better than expected, we can’t say that there was anything extraordinary about it. We must also note that for some interesting reason, you are presented with two wallets; poker and sports. Therefore, you have to fluff about with transferring sums from one to another depending on your mood.

BetOnline Download

Software and Applications

BetOnline’s software is straightforward and easy to use. They offer a “no-frills” style of poker software where there are little customizations available to the player. The lack of options keeps the software uncluttered and streamlined. Depending on your preference, the table graphics are customizable to three different versions. This streamlined approach would lead you to expect a quick and reactive software, but in reality, we found it to be laggy. There is also an annoying blackjack table presented to the side of the window, which we were unable to figure out how to remove. For some unexplainable reason, the funds for this also fall under the Sports category instead of Poker.

Access to everything BetOnline Poker has to offer is available from within the poker lobby which is always convenient. Sports and Casino betting, and wagering is also accessible through the BetOnline website. New cash deposits go straight into the sports wallet, so new poker players need to transfer money to their poker wallet to play with real money. Betting from your smartphone is now available on BetOnline. When using a handheld device, type in and the site will redirect to Log into your account from there and start betting. You can customize table layouts, multi-tabling, retrieve hand histories, display player statistics, time banking, and chat windows while on BetOnline.

BetOnline Software

Allowed Third Party Poker Add-ons

We were unable to determine what external software could be used with BetOnline poker to assist you in your gameplay. However, we’d like to hazard a guess that you should be able to use anything that you like. Of course, because it’s such a small website and network, most poker assistance software don’t integrate with it.

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Promotions and VIP Scheme

The BetOnline loyalty program (VIP Scheme), revolves around POP points. There are no levels, tiers, and no points multipliers – you just play poker, earn points, and then use your points to buy into POP-only events.

BetOnline POP

Earning Points: You can earn POP points by playing in cash games or tournaments. With cash games, you make 1 POP point per 10 cents you pay in rake. In tournaments, you earn 10 POP points per $1 you pay in fees.

Rewards: You can spend your POP points on POP-only tournament entries. The two types are monthly POP2CASH freeroll and the smaller daily POP freerolls. The POP2CASH event costs 100 POP points to enter and has a $500 prize. The daily POP freerolls have a 1 point buy in and feature a 1000 point prize pool.

Customer Service and Support

BetOnline has 24/7 customer supportable to answer any questions or concerns you may have. You can reach the customer service by phone or by email. BetOnline boasts a competent customer service staff that is more than capable of handling any and all issues. The wait time when you call BetOnline’s customer service are relatively good and will answer your calls quickly. Emails will be responded to within 24 hours or less. While this is all splendid, we felt that it lacked something that would make it match up to the likes of some bigger sites such as 888.

BetOnline Support

Company Information

Since 1991 BetOnline has earned and maintained its reputation as a top-quality online betting website. Located in Latin America’s banking capital of Panama City, Panama, the company is situated to provide the best experience available. Originally, the company started with a guy named Joe Junior, who was booking bets from Rochester, New York in 1991. While this was illegal, it was only so due to corporate interests.

Is BetOnline poker legit and safe?

Many users are rightly worried about the unlicensed status of BetOnline. As far as we’re aware, there haven’t been any serious cases revolving around BetOnline. To be on the safe side, we’d recommend keeping as little amount of money in your account as possible.

Famous BetOnline Poker Ambassadors

Due to its small size and unlicensed nature, it’s unsurprising that BetOnline doesn’t feature any ambassadors or brand representatives. Poker Review Conclusion

We liked:

  • Easy to use, streamlined software
  • Mobile applications
  • Decent Bonus match

We weren’t so sure about:

  • Having to deposit before you can play
  • Split wallets

BetOnline Poker is the third largest poker site that accepts US players and is the most generous with no state restrictions. Of course, this does come with the fact that is unlicensed and in somewhat of a gray area.

There is a massive number of No Limit Texas Hold’em games at all hours of the day.  There are also a respectable number of Pot Limit Omaha and Pot Limit Omaha High/Low games around the clock.  The games at BetOnline Poker are among the best in the world.  The sportsbook attracts free players, and the lack of a serious VIP program deters sharks from staying.

On the whole, if no licensed online poker site is available to you, then BetOnline is probably going to be your best option.

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