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On February 3, 2016
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Read this Betway Poker review to find out about the ins and outs of this poker network, including game types and of course the Betway Bonus!

Betway Poker Bonus

Betway Poker Summary

In this online Betway Poker Review, I’ll provide you with a balanced view of what it is like to play poker on Betway in 2016.  Knowledge is power, and with so many online gaming sites to choose from out there it is getting harder to keep a handle on which sites are safe and which are not.  So, take a minute now to get some good information as to the quality of Betway Poker’s product.

Betway Poker Bonus

The initial Betway bonus is a 200% match up to £750. This also  The way this bonus works, which is very typical for bonus scheme’s across all of the online poker sites that I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing, is that it is released incrementally.  In plain English, this means you’ll get $1.50 in cash for every 100 Poker Loyalty points that you earn.  Keep in mind that loyalty points are earned as you play poker.  They are based on the rake and tournament fees that you pay, and you’ll earn them as you play poker cards on Betway.  Put simply, the more that you play, the more you earn.

On top of this, you will also receive six free entrance tickets New Player Freerolls with over a £4,000 prize pool!

Also, remember, that you will have a 60 day period to earn the 200% match.  This is about in the mid-range concerning the amount of time it takes for the bonus to clear for the majority of online poker sites that we’ve reviewed.  So, the key to success with these types of structures is to do your best to play to the point that you reap the largest bonus you possibly can in this period.  Bottom line: play the hell out of some poker!

We also need to talk about the VIP scheme at Betway.  But, I’ll be writing more about that later in this review so stay tuned.

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Games and Features

Texas Hold’em and Omaha are the main squeeze poker games on Betway Poker!  You’ll also be able to play 7 Card Stud, 5 Card Stud and a few other variations if you’re so inclined.

Most of the grinding on Betway Poker happens in the Hold’em poker games, with tournament poker as the most popular by far.  At any rate, you will be able to find action on any table, not only Texas Hold’em.  So don’t worry if 7 Card Stud is your favourite, you’ll find matches there too!

Bingo, Vegas, Casino games and sports betting are possibilities if you’re in the mood for trying something different.  There are so many games to choose from here we’d get bogged down explaining them all.  But check these out for a change in pace!

Betway Poker Download

Software and Applications

You might find the software on Betway Poker to be a tad hinky.  I do as well.  There are some typos and misplaced data fields scattered about.  While this translates to poor proofreading, luckily there has been no real negative impact on the action on Betway Poker.  In fact, when it comes to the actual playing of poker (the reason we’re all there in the first place) the site is extremely user-friendly.  It also has an extremely pleasant and clearly laid out structure!

Unfortunately, like with most smaller poker sites, Betway doesn’t have an Android or iOS application to play poker on. They do have apps for sports betting but this doesn’t help us much. On the bright side they do have a browser version so you are able to play on any decent computer (including Macs) and tablets too.

Betway Poker Software

Allowed Third Party Poker Add-ons

Like with most poker sites, for some elusive reason, we weren’t able to determine what if any third party apps they allow.

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Promotions and VIP Scheme

Betway wants to attract and keep new players.  Thus, it is an ideal time to take advantage of their need.  The promotions are geared towards newbies.  For example, the £1000 New Player Freeroll happens every Wednesday and is open for six weeks to any new player.  The same rules apply to the New Player Turbo £500, which also occurs on Wednesdays.  This one’s a Turbo Style (like Twister or Fast Hand Poker) tournament and is lots of fun!

Another fun promo is the Anonymous Table where you literally know nothing about your opponents.  They might be poker maniacs, sharks, of duds.  You just don’t know.  There’s no player notes allowed, and no statistics on your opponents.  Go in blind and hit hard!  That’s how you play Anonymous poker.

The Bad Beat Jackpot at Betway is an interesting way to play poker.  If you opt-in to one of these games, every hand you play will automatically mean you drop €0.02 into the pot.  If during play you lose a hand while you are holding a great hand (which I’ll describe in a second) you will get the jackpot that you’ve been contributing to.  You have to be holding 2’s, a Four of a Kind or better.

VIP players get special treatment in Betway’s continuing effort to keep you a satisfied customer.  And they do a fairly good job of this with the VIP program.  Working your way through the VIP structure means earning Loyalty Points which are earned through playing poker.  Once again, the more you play, the more you earn as the house takes its rake and tournament fees for each game.

One of the bonuses available to VIP members is another matching bonus.  Here up to 50% in cash is awarded based on your VIP Loyalty Tier.  This is what the 50% matching bonus looks like:

Betway Poker Loyalty VIP

This is only one example of the awards given to VIP players.  All of these awards are given based on the number of Loyalty Points that you have earned.  Remember Loyalty Points are earned through rake and through tournament fees collected as you play poker on Betway.

Customer Service and Support

Customer service is above par at Betway Poker.  Open 24 x 7 and speaking just about every language except ancient Hebrew, Betway commits to you the customer.  This is so important to any business model and Betway’s commitment to these ideals cannot be overstated.

You’ll find an FAQ section (accessed through the software) that is very informative.  Also, there is a blog that’s lots of fun to read and equally helpful.

Betway Poker Support

Company Information

Established in 2006 and owned by Carmen Media, Betway is fairly well-established and has a high reputation in the online gaming industry.  There has been no major concern faced by the company, which is always an important sign!

Security and trust are critical values to Betway owners.  This is apparent in their forthrightness in disclosing their membership in both the I.B.A.S. and ESSA.  Both of these companies monitor for fraudulent and suspicious activity in the online gaming industries, and Betway openly and proudly displays their affiliation.  Betway is obviously trying to run an above-board and fair business, and this shows!

Famous Betway Ambassadors

There’s a fairly long list of Betway representatives!  World Cup winner Mike Tindall is one of this, as it cricketer Simon Hughes.  Mr. Hughes is also famous for his broadcasting abilities.  “The Analyst”, Richard Johnson, is another ambassador who’s working for Betway these days.  Jockey Davy Russell is another feather in the cap of the Betway management, as is David Wallace ex-Irish and Munster rugby player. While none of these are for Poker, it’s still a great sign.

Betway Ambassador Davy Russell

Betway Poker Review Conclusion

We liked:

  • Great brand image
  • Many poker types available including Razz and fast fold
  • Clear and easy to use software
  • Great beginner promotions

We weren’t so sure about:

  • VIP Scheme could do with some improvement
  • Not the highest level of traffic

In all of these online reviews where we look at each company’s approach to offering their product to you, the customer, there is one unifying theme.  Security and trust.  Not enough of either will break the bond between customer and company.  Security and trust is what customers want and what keeps them coming back.  This is an area where Betway Poker has locked their sights on.  These guys have built a reputation for on time payouts, delivering as promised, and protecting personal information.  This is an extremely important focus for Betway and the reason I can recommend them.

Playing poker on Betway is easy, and really trouble free.  Although somewhat simplistic as I’ve stated previously, the software is enjoyable and user-friendly.  Betway is a good company with a good product.

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