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Review of: Borgata
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Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa

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On February 1, 2016
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Read our Borgata Review to find out about this superb New Jersey poker site and claim your whopping $600 Borgata Bonus today!

Borgata Poker Bonus

Borgata Poker Summary

This online Borgata Poker Review is meant to provide some perspective for you into playing poker online with Borgata.  You’ll soon discover that their reputation as a quality gambling casino is a perfect extension to the online world.

Located in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Borgata Casino is a beautiful place.  From music, entertainment, to gourmet 5-star restaurants, Borgata has it all.  There is even a spa on site.  It really is quite a place.  Throw in a few drinks and I could spend three weeks playing poker and just hanging around.  But after all, that is what the whole online world is for!

Online Borgata Poker has all of the bells and whistles that one would expect when playing poker online and reflects the quality of their offline sites.  Great promotions, a well-funded VIP scheme with generous rakebacks, and supportive customer service.  You will love playing poker at Borgata.  Read on for the specifics.

Borgata Bonus

Borgata Poker does have a sweet bonus deal which comes in two ways.

If you want to register but not deposit initially.  You’ll receive $20: $10 in cash and $10 in poker bonus if you provide them with your personal information as part of the registration process on the site.

If you’re ready to put some money down, the bonus there increases substantially.  Here’s how it works.  They will match your cash 100% up to $600.  I would call this a great deal!  The matching bonus will be released to you in increments of $10 as you earn points through rake and tournament fees.

The VIP scheme at Borgata Poker is equally impressive, and I’ll tell you more about that later in this online Borgata Poker Review.

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Games and Features

Having a broad range of poker games, Borgata will keep you busy at the tables.  You’ll be able to play Texas Hold’em either limit or no-limit, pot limit Omaha, Omaha Hi/Low, 8-or better, and Seven Card Stud.

Buy-ins are realistic and range from $0.01/$0.02 per game to $5/$10 on some of the larger stake games.  There are a large number of players typically on the lower stake games, and you’ll find a reduction in participation as you climb to higher stake tables.

If you are a Fast-Fold or Twister poker fan, like myself, you’ll love Borgata’s version of this game, Fastforward Poker.  This game permits you to jump in or out at any time if you find yourself with a crap hand.  Instantly, you’re off to another game with another hand and new opponents.  It’s a jettison, escape hatch of sorts.  Love this game!

One miss that I have to point out is that you will not have the option to play multi-table tournament poker on Borgata.  For some, this is no big deal.  But, I happen to enjoy pulling up many games at once and challenging myself with focusing on many games at once.  Multi-tabling poker is obviously something that can only be done online, and this is definitely an oversight on Borgata’s part.

Certainly, however, the lack of multi-tabling is not a deal breaker for me.  I still love the site, and I think that you will as well.

It’s unlikely that you’ll want to do anything other than grinding the poker tables, but should the mood strike you try the Casino.  You can do some sports betting there, play slots, even enter a lottery for some quick cash or a change of pace.

Borgata Poker Download

Software and Applications

You’ll be able to use some of the great software features available on Borgata Poker to auto-top up when playing cash games.  You can also auto-rebuy and auto-add on when playing tournaments.  Tables are also resizable.  You can change avatars as well. While not an extensive list of changes, the software should suit the needs of most users.

Overall, I’d rate the software on Borgata Poker a 4 out of 5.  They’ve put some time into making a product that is both visually appealing and practically very functional.  Great job!

Borgata Poker Software

Allowed Third Party Poker Add-ons

Borgata does allow the use of some third party software. Like with most sites, the use of bots and player profiling is completely banned. Unlike other sites, PokerStars excluded, Borgata has faced this problem head on and created a vast and extensive page about the use of assistance software at their poker tables.

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Promotions and VIP Scheme

Tons of promotions is how I would describe the offerings at Borgata Poker.

Borgata Poker VIP iRewards

Borgata’s Bonus Comp Dollars rewards you with cash just for playing!  Play 60-89 hours and you’ll earn 50%.  Play over 90 hours in Live action games and you’ll receive 75%.  Not bad at all!

$10,000 Ultimate High Hand promotion.  This is another winner.  If you get a full house or better and have the highest hand of all players, you’ll get $500! This recycles every 30 minutes starting at 11 AM and stops at 9 PM.  You’ll have multiple opportunities to win this money!

There are so many promotions at Borgata Poker, it is impossible to describe them all in this online poker review.  Go to the site and take a look around, you’ll see there are plenty of promos to get involved with.

The VIP Scheme at Borgata Poker is a five-tier system which rewards you by the amount of points you earn per month and per quarter.  The point system is easy to understand.  For each $1 that is raked or spent in tournament fees you get 2 points.  These points are then summed up to qualify you for a particular tier in the VIP scheme.  Here’s what it looks like:

Red Label 0
Red Label Plus 150
Silver Label 650
Black Label 2,500 0
Black Label Elite 15,000


Remember that your VIP tier corresponds directly with rakeback.  So, depending upon your tier, you will be guaranteed a certain percentage of rakeback in cash.  The higher you climb in this tier system at Borgata, the more cash you earn.

Customer Service and Support

Whether Email, telephone, or Live Chat is your preference to communicate with Borgata Poker, you’ll have them all available to you.  Not only that, these services are 24/7, so no matter the time of day – you will get help!

There is also a very helpful FAQ section of the site that should get you through the majority of problems that you might encounter.  Explanations of promotions, VIP scheme, bonus schemes and other aspects of the website are thoroughly and naturally pursed by the website designers.  This type of attention to detail is crucial and necessary when making a user-friendly environment.  Borgata support has achieved this high level of quality!

Borgata Poker Support

Company Information

In 2003 Borgata opened their casino doors to the public in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Shortly after that the company took their product online after getting the necessary endorsement from the state licensing agency.

Home of the Borgata Casino and Spa, the company offers luxury and gambling to New Jersey residents.  The same goes for online players; you must be a New Jersey resident to partake in the poker offerings at the Borgata.

Borgata Poker has had no significant negative or scandalous happenings, and the company is financially sound.  Management operates the company with care, which shows in the detail oriented marketing and pleasant and helpful customer service representatives that the company has.

Famous Borgata Ambassadors

Matt Stout is a native of New Jersey and one hell of a poker player.  He has morphed into a Vegas professional of late and recently hit six figures in the Spring Open event of 2015.

Asher Conniff and Chris Limo also serve as Borgata Poker ambassadors, and both have impressive poker skills.  These guys are a pleasure to watch, and if you get the chance to see them at a live event, you may pick up a thing or two.

Borgata Poker Ambassador Matt Stout

Borgata Poker Review Conclusion

We liked:

  • Excellent VIP play
  • Allowed in the US
  • Great ambassadors
  • Superb tournaments and promotions

We weren’t sure about:

  • Only allowed in the US
  • Small player base

Online gambling is a unique thing.  You get to sit in the comfort of your living room, doing whatever it is you like while you play poker.  This is beautiful!  What is great about Borgata Poker is that the physical location in New Jersey is equally beautiful.  It is a Casino, and a Spa.  Need I say more?  This is a luxurious environment which has the best of the best.  Unfortunately, nothing like my living room.

Borgata Poker presents poker to its online customers as only a top quality venue like Borgata can.  You get a piece of the experience of actually being there, and there are frequent promotions in which you can qualify for a trip to the Casino itself!  I highly recommend taking this trip if you are able.  This is a primo location with some excellent looking women milling about.  Don’t tell my wife I said this!

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