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Did you know the World Poker Tour has an online poker room where you can play for free and even win big yourself? Find out more with our ClubWPT review now!

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ClubWPT Review Summary

In the US, gambling is big business. Every year, millions of players spend money at numerous casinos across the country, resulting in Billions of dollars worth of revenue for the gaming industry. Unfortunately, even though the US has one of the largest populations of poker players in the world, those players cannot legally engage in any online poker play. Thanks to a federal court ruling in 2006, there are very few online poker sites in the US that deal with real money. If you just want to play for “free” and still have a chance to win big, then one option is to join ClubWPT. Read on for our full ClubWPT Review…

ClubWPT is the official online poker room of the World Poker Tour. Today we’ll go over the ins and outs of this site, showing you what to expect if you sign up.  We’ll also show you the membership package, the customer service provided and a little about the parent company, too.

Disclosure: in our research, we did find out that winning money on this site is somewhat difficult, and the payouts are very slow. While we would not necessarily say that ClubWPT doesn’t pay out at all, just be aware that withdrawals can often be handled slowly or awkwardly.

  • ProsPROS
  • Play-ins to the World Poker Tour
  • Good member benefits
  • ConsCONS
  • No potential to win cash or prizes without membership
  • Very slow withdrawals

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ClubWPT Bonus

Since most online poker rooms in the US cannot have real money gambling, that means that most of the action on ClubWPT is for points, rather than cash. As a result, you don’t deposit any money into your account, which means that you cannot win sign-up bonuses. That isn’t to say that there are no promotions, but you don’t get a deposit bonus or any cash incentives to join.

Instead, the site operates as a subscription-based poker room. For a monthly fee, you get access to all the “free money” games, as well as possible entry into tournaments that pay out cash prizes.  Another aspect of having monthly memberships instead of bank accounts is that there is no traditional VIP scheme at ClubWPT. Instead, there are two levels of membership: basic and VIP. We’ll get into more detail about what each subscription entails later on in the review.

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Games and Features

ClubWPT Lobby

At ClubWPT, you play games in a tournament style which you may be more used to from Sit n’ go’s. Since you aren’t playing for real money, you get Play Chips (PCs) to use on the tables. For a basic or VIP membership, you get up to 5000 PCs per day, depending on your account balance. For example, if you only have 4000 PCs in your account, the site will give you 1000 to bring it up to 5000. If you have more than that, you will not receive any more PCs until your balance is below 5000.

In addition to claiming PCs every day, players also have the option to buy them at a price.  You can also use these chips to buy “virtual goods.” There are two types of virtual goods. Firstly, permanent (ones that stay with you until you close your membership). Also, there are temporary ones (these disappear once your game is over). You can buy goods for yourself, for another player, or for the table. So what are these goods that you can purchase? Wallpapers, lucky charms, food and beverage, and anything else you want. Of course, all of it is fake, but if you are the type of player who wants a digital lucky charm to enhance your game, then ClubWPT has your back. Also, we love the idea that a player could buy a virtual round of cocktails for the table!


As well as PCs, ClubWPT also offers Tournament Points (TPs). For the most part, TPs are only available to VIP members, although basic members can occasionally win them on certain tournament tables as a prize. Like PCs, TPs have no value of their own, but they do allow you to buy into a real money tournament, so they do have some value overall. To enter a cash tournament, you have to have enough TPs to buy-in. VIP members are awarded 500 TPs upon signing up, and these points are refilled every day. Also, VIP members can win more TPs on particular tables.

Finally, the last aspect of ClubWPT’s gameplay is the presence of badges and trophies. Since you don’t win actual money, you have to settle for digital badges and virtual trophies to show people how good of a player you are. These rewards are earned by achieving various milestones, such as winning a certain amount of PCs or getting points on a table. What’s interesting, however, is that a player can choose to share these badges and make them public on his profile, or he can decide to make them private.

Software and Applications

ClubWPT Software

The standard of ClubWPT software is okay, but not great. One thing that we liked about the site is that you don’t have to download anything to play since there is a browser version. When playing, however, the site is somewhat slow and prone to bugs. You may experience a lag between clicking on something and that thing happening, which can get annoying really fast.

Since the site is browser-based, you can access it on almost any computer. There are also downloadable versions for Windows and Mac. Additionally, you can download the ClubWPT app on your Android or iPhone so you can play on the go.

Allowed Third Party Poker Add-ons

While researching for this ClubWPT review, we could not find any information on third-party apps in either the FAQ or Terms and Conditions. While this may seem like you are free to use them at your leisure, we advise you proceed with caution.

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Promotions and VIP Scheme

ClubWPT VIP Rates

As we mentioned above, the VIP scheme at ClubWPT is broken down into two tiers: basic membership and VIP membership. Here are the benefits of both.

ClubWPT Membership

Essentially, if you want to win money from the cash prize tournaments, then you need to sign up for a VIP membership. If you just want to play for fun (and badges, don’t forget badges), then a basic membership should be sufficient.  There are a couple of good perks for non-paying members, such as Amanda Leatherman’s tutorial video.

ClubWPT VIP Benefits

In addition to cash rewards for winning tournaments, ClubWPT also offers other prizes, such as cigars, watches, playing cards, and other such items. Some of the higher end rewards are actually worth a lot (relatively speaking). So you can still make money, provided that you know a good pawnbroker.  Sadly for us, our ClubWPT review didn’t get us any prizes or freebies.

Customer Service and Support

ClubWPT Support

When it comes to customer service, ClubWPT is not great. Basic members get access to the site’s FAQ page, which answers all your questions about PCs, TPs, Badges (don’t forget about the badges!), as well as assurances that the software that they use is fair and honest. Additionally, you can contact customer support via email should you have any further questions or issues.

VIP members, however, not only get the email address but also have access to a live chat function so that they can get their problems handled in a much more expedient fashion. Unfortunately, even with live chat, the software is still rather buggy. Furthermore, the site is still really slow about awarding prizes and cash earnings.  During this ClubWPT review, we had to wait a frustratingly long time to hear back regarding a couple of inquiries.

Company Information

As we mentioned above, ClubWPT is an official partner of the World Poker Tour and is owned and operated by the company. The site is licensed and regulated by the state of California and abides by all US laws. To ensure that all cash prizes are legal, they are categorized as “sweepstakes prizes”.  Much like you could earn on a local game show or something similar.

Famous ClubWPT Ambassadors

The site does have advice and strategy tips from some top WPT players. However, there don’t seem to be any official poker ambassadors that represent ClubWPT as a site.

ClubWPT Review Conclusion

We liked:

  • Good pedigree with the World Poker Tour as site owners.
  • Unconventional but very interesting member benefits.

We weren’t so sure about:

  • Very long withdrawal time for winnings, including a stringent ID check.
  • Occasionally glitchy software.
  • Not enough real-money or prize options.

Overall, if you like casual poker with other like-minded people, then ClubWPT is the site for you. If you are looking to make a lot of money, however, we would suggest looking elsewhere. While that isn’t to say you can’t win any money from the site, it seems like it takes a lot of work to win anything worthwhile. Also, from the feel of play at ClubWPT, you have to be remarkably good to take home any top prizes. Ultimately, this is a good site to have fun and practice your skills without risking any real money, except, of course, for your subscription fee.

In short, if you’re the type of person who is thrilled at the idea of earning virtual badges and buying virtual food to eat on a virtual table, then ClubWPT is the place for you.  In addition to that, if you’re new to the world of poker and want to practice your skills with free play, this site might provide you more opportunity for that than many others.  Of course, there are plenty of other strategy tips for newbies here, so take a good look around the  site.  We hope you enjoyed reading our ClubWPT review, and look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments below!

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I am a poker enthusiast who also enjoys sailing, rugby, and gaming. A relative newcomer to the world of online poker, I will be putting our strategy guides to the test as I start the Bankroll Challenge: how far can I get without depositing a single penny? Keep an eye out for updates.

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