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Everest Poker

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Read our in-depth Everest Poker review to find out about all the pros and cons of the online poker service and claim our great Everest Bonus.

Everest Poker Bonus

Everest Poker Summary

The Phoenix has risen out of the ashes.

Despite some troubles in the early days of the company, Everest has made a comeback.  A substantial recovery at that.  In this online Everest Poker review, I’ll reveal why going with Everest is a good move for serious poker players and novices alike.

Soft competition at the cash tables, a reliable VIP scheme and one hell of a huge sign-on bonus sweeten the pot.  You will be happy with a decision to sign up with Everest.  Give these guys a try if you’re new to them, or another try if you were an old customer.

Everest Poker Bonus

It is commonplace with online poker sites to have some sort of bonus in place for new players.  What is not so common is for the bonus to be as high as Everest Poker’s bonus is.  At 200% match up to €1,500, Everest has truly reached the summit!  In a practical sense, this means that if you deposit €750, you will have the chance to reap in €1,500 in cash to put directly on the poker table.

Everest goes even further than the initial sign-up bonus.  Just for signing up you’ll get entered into the $2,000 New Depositor Freeroll, €10 in tokens for use in poker play and 20 Reward Points to get yourself started as a VIP Club member.  Not a bad start!

The VIP scheme at Everest is called the Everest Poker Rewards Scheme.  Entry into this is as easy as earning points by playing poker.  This happens automatically, and you’ll rack them up as Everest takes its rake or as you pay tournament fees.  More about the Rewards at Everest later.

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Games and Features

Games on Everest Poker are limited to the basics.  That is Texas HoldEm Poker and Omaha.  For poker purists, this will not be a problem,  but a little variety is always a plus and options help create that variety.  I prefer to have a range of games to occupy me as I get bored being in thing to long.  Luckily they do have the options of 5 and seven card stud, but unfortunately, we found the tables for these very bare at the best of times.

Like with most modern poker platforms, the above game types are presented in many variations. You can play tournaments, Sit and Go’s and standard cash games. They also have speed poker for those that are all about crunching the numbers.

There are over 1000 playing in cash games on average there will be no shortage of opportunity to get into a real game and win some cash.  So get in there and play!

Everest Poker Download

Software and Applications

Grand Virtual Gaming Alliance are the information technology guys driving Everest’s software.  They have done an excellent job with it; that’s for sure.  The software is pleasing to the eye, and menu selections are very well placed and easy to follow.  You can also customize to your hearts content.  There are many options to change sounds, visual elements of the software, and view players’ stats.  Hand histories and note taking is also included in the software design so you can keep track of your moves, as well as those of your opponents.

New mods include:

  • Poker Toast- a notification appears when it’s your turn. This feature allows you to multi-task.  Play poker, do laundry, go fishing.  Hey, I’m joking about the fishing.  Well, come to think of it with the mobile app and a cold beer fishing is not out of the question!
  • Time Bank- when playing cash games you can maximize your decision making by keeping an eye on your time when placing bets.
  • Multi-entry tournaments- you will have the option at Everest to jump in more than once if you find yourself out of a tournament that you really want to stay in! This is a great feature.

Data Security-  Your data is secure at Everest.  They use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology to encrypt data, so you don’t have to be concerned that your information is going out to anyone other than who you intend.

Apps support both Android and iOS mobile devices so get you can take poker with you!

Everest Poker Software

Allowed Third Party Poker Add-ons

In their Terms and Conditions, we found that Everest Poker prohibit the use of any assistance programmes that may aid you in the game of poker. Whether this applies to HUDs and the likes of, it is unsure.

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Promotions and VIP Scheme

Everest Poker VIP

Everest offers various rotating promotions.  These are rake races, Sit and Go, and Tournament play.  I like the fact that Everest will email you as these promotions are released so that you can alter your plans and join in to capitalize on the good ones.

Tournaments at Everest Poker are phenomenal. They have $8 Million in prizes that are guaranteed on a monthly basis to give away to winners!  This is a huge dollar value.  Keep in mind that for these tournaments though you may be competing with some big boys so have your thinking cap on tight!

The VIP scheme is set up on a 10-level system.  Summit Points are awarded as you play through paying tournament fees or as Everest takes its rake.  Here are the amount of points awarded.

Euro €1 10
GBP £1 12
USD $1 7

As you can see, Summit Points vary depending upon the currency being used.

Below is the VIP structure in detail:

VIP 1 0 0% 1.00
VIP 2 75 10% 1.10
VIP 3 200 20% 1.20
VIP 4 500 35% 1.35
VIP 5 1,000 45% 1.45
VIP 6 2,000 55% 1.55
VIP 7 5,000 70% 1.70
VIP 8 10,000 80% 1.80
VIP 9 20,000 90% 1.90
VIP 10 50,000 105% 2.05

Boil all of this down and you’re getting Reward points that are based on the Summit points that you can then use for tournament play, cash, and other prizes.  The beauty of the VIP program at Everest is that you’re in automatically just by signing up.

Customer Service and Support

Everest Poker has a standard email feature for customer support.  You’ll be able to email in English, German, Polish, Portuguese, or Hungarian.  The Live Chat feature is limited though because this is English only and available between 10 AM and 7 PM UK time.

Everest Poker Support

Company Information

Everest Poker was until recently, surrounded by controversy and viewed by most in the industry with some degree of suspicion.  In 2012, Everest has joined the iPoker Network and slowly begun to gain some standing in the online gaming community.  Having cleaned up its reputation players are now uniquely positioned to take advantage of the company’s previous situation because player allegiance to the site has not yet taken full hold.  This presents an opportunity to sweep up on weak competition and for new players with some amount of poker skills to take an aggressive stance.

Famous Everest Poker Ambassadors

Antoine Saout was sponsored by Everest in 2009 at the WSOP.  Also, Everest has had pros from several other countries join its ranks. At the moment, Sam Trickett also writes their weekly blogs that serve as a round-up the happenings in the poker industry.

Everest Poker Review Conclusion

We liked:

  • Plenty of levels on the Poker VIP scheme
  • Huge signup bonus
  • Good customer engagement
  • Interactive Poker school

We weren’t so sure about:

  • Tables can be somewhat bare

Everest Poker is about providing its patrons with a quality poker playing experience.  The sign-on bonus is the stand-out feature on Everest.  At 200% matching, one can hardly complain!

Another great aspect of the company is the software that supports tailoring for control freaks like myself.  Also, the weak competition opens doors for new players who want to play without being taken over the coals.

Whatever tough times the company had previously experienced are clearly in the rearview mirror at this point.  Everest shows no signs of wavering either and is quickly becoming one of the leaders in the industry with a high average number of players on a daily basis and some huge payouts for tournament winners.

Get involved and climb your way to the top!

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