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On January 3, 2016
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After reading our Full Tilt review, you'll find out not only about the great Full Tilt bonus offers, but also about the games, players and whole experience.

Full Tilt Bonus

Full Tilt Summary

This Full Tilt review gives poker lovers insight into the great poker play at a great company.  Top notch software, a robust VIP program and an epic bonus program are the biggest draws to Full Tilt.  Soft competition is another since opportunities to win big are increased exponentially.  There are some limitations to the software that are outlined in this Full Tilt review but overall you will find that Full Tilt is top shelf poker play.

Full Tilt Bonus

Perhaps the most outstanding feature at Full Tilt is the deposit deal offered.  The company doubles your first deposit!  This translates to 100% of your deposit being added to your account up to a maximum of $600!  We love this deal.  More cash to play with is always a good thing and while you do need to earn this, once you do, it’s an enormous sum of free money.  There is no sign-up bonus, however, but this can be overlooked in light of the deposit matching.

There is a small catch to this bonus, in that the funds are not immediately deposited into your account.  In fact, you earn them by playing cash games on the site.  As you play, you begin to accrue full tilt points which then results in cash deposits into your account in increments of 10% of your initial deposit until your deposit is matched.  You will get the 100% matching, but you may have to play a while until you get there.  Still, it’s a great deal.  Full Tilt even gives you 60 days from sign-up to enrol in the matching program.

They also have a great VIP scheme that will be fully revealed later in this Full Tilt review.  But mostly, you can earn Loyalty Points simply through play.  Loyalty Points may then be used to purchase merchandise in the online store and also be used in tournaments.

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Games and Features

FullTilt has many ways to play Poker.  You can play some traditional Texas Hold’em, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Stud 8 or Better. Alongside this, if you like Omaha, they have Omaha 6 Card or Omaha Hi.  These games can be played in Freeroll, satellite, sit-n-go, or in multi-table tournament style.  You can choose from pot or no-limit features as well.  Stakes range widely from $0.01 blinds all the way up to $1000 blinds if you’re feeling brave.

Another great feature is Rush Poker, which allows you to fly through your games.  You’re looking at playing at a rate that is 4x that of a regular game!  If you want to try your luck at the casino, this is also an option.

Like with other sites, if you wish to play free online poker, whether it be three card poker or Texas Holdem online, then they cater for this as well.

Full Tilt Download

If you want to play free slots, then they also have a live casino. For this, they are currently running a promotion whereby you can get a no deposit bonus code for $25, and you could double it by playing slot machines or free blackjack.

Software and Applications

The software is very well laid out, and we especially liked the simplified lobby view, which allows you to start playing your favourite type of game in just six easy steps. Of course, for more advanced players it is possible to go to the expanded view that will provide you with a lot more options, and a more traditional layout.

Full Tilt has very strict rules about automation.  This is both a positive and negative depending upon your perspective.  As a new player, you’ll probably find it helpful to have some of these choices in automation limited.  For example, you cannot set auto-raise, auto-call, or auto-big blind settings at Full Tilt.  For seasoned users, the lack of this feature may be a drawback, but having the ability to set buy-ins and re-buys did offset the negatives enough to make us still love the software.

Regarding mobility and access the site can be accessed from just about any device.  Mobile apps even allow for Rush Poker play from your iPhone, iPad, and Android. You can access any Rush Poker table and make in-app deposits from your mobile device!

Multi-tabling allows for a max of 18 table to be played at once.  We found that on a 22-inch monitor 9 table can be comfortably and reasonably represented without any overlap.  Overall the software on Full Tilt is sound.  There’s not much to dislike – excellent graphics and easy to maneuver software.

Full Tilt Software

Additional Applications

Seeing as Full Tilt is in partnership with Poker Stars, it’s no surprise that their rules on third party software are the same. That is, in general, any information that you can acquire statically, through your means is allowed, on top of software that enables you to speed up but not fully automate your gameplay.

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Promotions and VIP Scheme

Full Tilt has a two-fold VIP and promotions scheme. What we mean by this is that by playing, not only can you gain increased Edge status or you can also earn coins. Deciding, which one to go for is your decision – the former is purely performance based while the latter involves a higher element of luck.

Full Tilt VIP Edge

Firstly, the below table shows the amount of Full Tilt Poker points required for each Edge level. Like with many online poker sites, you earn these for playing on any poker table, whether it be a tournament or a sit and go. You can then use your Edge points, for making more points, getting tournament tickets and a range of other things. While it’s extremely similar to most other systems out there, the limitation of 3 levels can be considered a good or bad factor depending on who you ask.

Edge Status Requirements

Status Level 30-day Rolling Average (FTPs) 100-day Rolling Average (FTPs)
Edge 80 70
Edge Plus 250 150
Edge Prime 500 400

If you decided to head down the Coins path, for each $1 spent in rake, you will receive 1 Gold Coin. You will then be able to use these, to play for the Big Deal. The deal jackpot, at the time of writing, stands at just under $50,000. Granted this isn’t anywhere near a Sunday Millions win, but nonetheless, it’s a substantial prize for whoever claims it.

Customer Service and Support

Support at Full Tilt is by FAQ and email tickets. With the FAQ, we’d like to see a search function, but otherwise it’s very detailed and covered almost everything that we wanted to see. With regards to the email support, we found agents to be friendly and responsive. Where money is involved, it’s always helpful to have someone at your fingertips if and when there is an issue that demands immediate attention. Therefore live support would be appreciated, but this isn’t a complete deal-breaker.

Full Tilt Support

Company Information

Full Tilt is owned by Amaya Gaming and was established in 2004.  The company is located in the Isle of Man and licensed by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission.

Full Tilt has gone through some rough times particularly in its infancy.  We are happy to say that it has transitioned into a great company and has every likelihood to remain so.  The site was once an extremely popular site and the competition was fierce.  This came to a crashing halt in 2006 when the US Attorney’s office accused board members of pocketing over $440 million in winnings that were meant for players.

Things have changed since those dark times, and now Full Tilt is under new management.  In fact, the once stiff competition that could be found on the site is now soft.  This is a good thing for players looking to take over and make a killing!  Also, the company is better managed overall.  Play is tighter, and you can be assured that any investment made or promise expected from the company will be honoured.

Famous Full Tilt Ambassadors

In the company’s hay day many famous players acted as ambassadors that drew in players from around the world.  Today these players are lesser known and truly not of the same calibre.  This fact is a huge positive for the player looking to capitalize on what amounts to largely novice players who are ripe for the picking. On the whole, currently, their only full-time ambassador is Marc Kennedy, who joined their team in 2015.

Full Tilt Ambassador

Full Tilt Review Conclusion

We liked:

  • Partners with PokerStars
  • Good range of poker assistance software allowed
  • Nice initial bonus
  • Jackpot and Fastfold poker available
  • Easy to use software

We weren’t so sure about: 

  • VIP Scheme only has three levels
  • High stakes are capped at $10/$20

Outstanding cash games, soft competition, colourful and interactive software make Full Tilt Poker highly enjoyable.  You’ve got plenty of options that provide lots of variety regarding the style in which you play as well!  We did not like the email contact only with regards to customer service as this limits your ability to resolve problems.

As a whole Full Tilt is a top-shelf poker site and we believe you will walk away with a good feeling and hopefully with money in your pockets as well. Whether you’re playing Texas poker or free casino games, enjoy your wins and good luck!

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