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Have a look at this Grosvenor Poker review to find out about the Grosvenor bonus that's on hand and the feeling that this UK based company provides.

Grosvenor Poker Bonus

Grosvenor Poker Summary

This online Grosvenor Poker Review will help you formulate an opinion about the quality of the site, how it stacks up to other similar online gambling sites, and whether or not you should spend your time and money at Grosvenor’s.

Grosvenor Casinos are well-known throughout the UK.  Grosvenor Online Poker is an extension of the casino and poker empire into the world-wide-web.  This is a large and trusted company with a reputation to support.  You are in good hands putting your money into Grosvenor’s.  Now it’s up to you to come out with more than what you go in with.

Grosvenor Poker Bonus

Grosvenor Poker gives first-time depositors a 200% bonus up to £1200. That’s $1700 when you take into account the exchange rate at the time of writing.  Besides, players will get £5.50 worth of GUKPT tokens.  What is GUKPT?  More about that later in this review.

The bonus scheme which Grosvenor offers is a decent offer; it’s actually in about the mid-range of the bonus schemes we’ve seen in the majority of online poker sites that we’ve reviewed.

Keep on with the review to learn in detail about the VIP structure at Grosvenor’s, as well all the other exciting features on hand.

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Games and Features

On Grosvenor’s you can play Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, 5-Card Stud, and 7-Card Stud.  Try the Sit-n-Go format where you play to win a pre-set number of games.  Those who succeed qualify for a very sizable cash bonus!

If you want to get into some of the differing styles of poker play, consider trying Speed Poker.   When playing Speed Poker, it’s as if you get the best of all worlds.  If things aren’t going your way, get out!  Let me give you an example.

You’re grinding along through a hand and after your discards, you’re dealt a 2 and 4 of hearts.  Unfortunately, you’re left with crap in the rest of your hand.  What do you do?  Get out!  Go to another table, with another hand and a different set of players.  This is Speed Poker, and I love it!

Cash Games a played as fixed limit, pot limit, or no limit games and tournaments can be played within the Grosvenor’s site or through the offline Grosvenor’s United Kingdom Poker Tour.

Live Casino, Slots, and Casino games are other options for which Grosvenor’s is famous.  There are too many options to get into them all here.  After all, this is a poker review.  But you will find the casino action at Grosvenor’s lively and as well put together as the poker side of the site.  Have fun!  Keep those slots loose!

Grosvenor Poker Download

Software and Applications

With the many online poker reviews that we’ve done, there is a common theme associated with software that is of significant quality.  Playtech is responsible for this item.  Fast speeds, great graphics, ease of navigation, and excellent audio quality are the hallmarks of Playtech.  Great experience!

An easy download gets you a poker app from Grosvenor that will allow use of an Android or iOS mobile device. Unfortunately, these apps only show you the poker tournaments happening at ‘real’ world Grosvenor Casinos and don’t allow you to take your poker hands on the road.

If you don’t mind sharing a bit about your poker skills you can.  What happens when you choose to do this is other players can look you up and get to know your abilities.  Maybe they want to check you out, or maybe they want a rematch.  Either way, this is up to you to decide.  Personally, I think this is a nice touch and adds a bit of reality to the game.

Grosvenor Poker Software

Allowed Third Party Poker Add-ons

It is with regret that during the scope of this review we were unable to determine what if any, third party add-ons Grosvenor allows.

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Promotions and VIP Scheme

Besides the first deposit bonus previously described, there are a multitude of other promotions poker players at Grosvenor’s can take advantage of.  For example, players can play in tournaments every day of the week with prize pools ranging from $25,000 to $150,000.  Buy-in and fees apply for these tournaments, but just remember you’re earning points as you play!

Grosvenor Poker VIP

If you qualify, you can play in the Grosvenor 25/25 Series.  This is a tournament played throughout the UK in the Grosvenor casinos, but there is an online component that open to players who qualify.  Prize pools are high for these tournaments as well, and you’ll have some good competition to pit yourself against.

Another aspect of playing at Grosvenor’s is getting into the VIP scheme that the company has to offer.  Getting into the VIP program, called the Knockout Club, is a matter of signing up to Grosvenor’s.  That’s it!  Here’s how it breaks down:

Level: 1 Bantamweight 0
Level: 2 Middleweight 1,000
Level: 3 Cruiserweight 4,000
Level: 4 Heavyweight 15,000
Level: 5 Superweight 40,000

Use Knockout points to in exchange for cash bonuses, for FreeRoll entries, or for entries into the GUKPT main and/or side events.  What could be easier?

Customer Service and Support

UK-based and English speaking only, Grosvenor’s customer support is top notch.  While anyone can certainly play poker on Grosvenor’s, it must be said that the site is sort of a UK phenomenon in the sense that English speaking customers are the primary focus of the company.

Again, this is not to slight in any way Grosvenor’s.  They are phenomenal in their approach to customer service.  There from 0800 to midnight via telephone, or live chat, these folks are at your beck and call and will make sure that you have an answer to your questions.  For concerns of lesser import you may always email customer service and they will promptly return your email.

Grosvenor Poker Support

Company Information

Established in 2012, Grosvenor’s in relatively new to the online gambling scene.  Don’t let this fool you.  They have come into their own and are now competing with the long-standing pro’s in the industry.

Grosvenor’s is based in the UK and has nearly a dozen freestanding casinos where you can go if you live in the area.  I would highly recommend a visit or two to these locations.

GUKPT is an important poker tournament held in the UK on a yearly basis.  This competition takes place in eleven of the Grosvenor’s casinos throughout the UK and is an experience that you must have.  Grosvenor releases its GUKPT tokens which you can use online in FreeRolls and satellite tournaments throughout the year by visiting

Famous Grosvenor Poker Ambassadors

Currently, Grosvenor Poker does not have any Ambassadors. Previously they were represented by The Poker Mob at the GUKPT. The three men have all had a successful and profitable poker careers and it’s a pleasure to see that they chose to represent this great company.

Grosvenor Poker Ambassador

Grosvenor Poker Review Conclusion

We liked:

  • Online and offline promotions
  • Yearly real world tournaments to which you can win tickets online
  • Speed poker available
  • Some low-level players due to the casinos

We didn’t like:

  • Limited number of countries allowed
  • Lower level of the Playtech conglomerate

The online gaming industry is a worldwide industry.  Not only are players from all over the world online playing in these different communities, but the locations of these gambling venues are located all over the globe.

Grosvenor’s is a change of pace.  Based in one major locale, the UK, the physical casino locations draw UK and European residents looking for a place to play.  Online, of course, Grosvenor’s reach is substantially larger.  What is unique about this company is that they keep that local feel.  Even if you’re playing from Germany, you feel like you’re sitting in a Casino in the UK.  It’s hard to put my finger on this, but it’s a feel that you get.

Perhaps it’s the way that you’re treated when you’re at Grosvenor’s.  You feel like you are important.  There is an air of respect and gentlemanly sportsmanship to the game that is a draw for me at least.

Customer service is exceptional, the Playtech software is unmatched, bonus, promotions, and Loyalty structure are all very generous.  This is a great company with an excellent product.  I highly recommend Grosvenor’s.

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