Ladbrokes Poker – Review and Bonus [2017]

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Review of: Ladbrokes Poker
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On February 1, 2016
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Check out this Ladbrokes poker review to read about the ins and outs of this iPoker network site and claim the huge Ladbrokes bonus.

Ladbrokes Poker Bonus

Ladbrokes Poker Summary

I’ll begin this Ladbrokes online Poker Review by stating that you are about to be introduced to a company that is one of the finest online poker experiences in the online gaming industry.  Like all online gambling sites, it has one or two small drawbacks, but the good side of Ladbrokes is not good, it’s great!  Ladbrokes is a reliable company and will provide you with a real poker playing experience.

Poker by its very nature is a game which requires a bit of luck and a whole lot of experience to be played well.  What poker players do not need is a site that makes the pursuit of winning harder than it should be.  And this, my friends, is exactly what Ladbrokes works so hard to avoid.

Playing a game of poker on Ladbrokes is like sitting in your living room with your buddies.  Mind you, I’m talking about friends that you’re willing to beat the pants off!  But buddies nonetheless.  What I mean is that playing poker at Ladbrokes is a pleasant, safe, and fun experience.

Let me show you what I mean.

Ladbrokes Bonus

All players who sign-up with their first deposit on Ladbrokes will be eligible to receive the full €1500 bonus matched up to 200%.  You’ll need to plop down 50 minimum to qualify and then earn player point to unlock the bonus.  You’ll also have 45 days to do this.  At the end of the 45 days, you submit a claim and your bonus will arrive in 1-3 days.

All online gambling sites have this same sort of time period in which you must unlock your bonus or lose the matching that was offered to you initially.  This type of deal is standard for the online gaming industry.  One minor issue with Ladbrokes is that 45 days is less than many online poker sites offer.  Most are around the 60 day mark, or close to it.  The smaller time period is by no means a reason to run from Ladbrokes, it really just means that you’re going to need to work harder to get the full matching.

The VIP program at Ladbrokes is also equally generous and worth looking into.  You’ll find out more about this in the VIP heading of this online poker review of Ladbrokes.

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Games and Features

Ladbrokes has Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi/Lo, Seven-Card Stud, and Razz online all the time!  These are the main games on the site, with Texas Hold’em probably the most famous, followed by the Omaha games a close second.

Whether you fancy Speed Poker, cash games, or tournament style poker, they are all there for you to get involved in.  For a rush, a game of Speed Poker will get those neurons firing and stimulate some adrenaline!

Fast, fast action marks Speed Poker.  You can fold anytime and start anew at a different table with different opponents and a newly dealt hand!  You can even fold out of turn.  You have to try Speed Poker!

Sit and Go’s are another option for single tournament style play.  Here you register and wait until enough people have done the same.  Once the table limit is reached, the game begins.  Pay a reasonable entry fee, and if you end up in one of the few top spots, you’ll get a piece of the pot.

Sports betting is another curious aspect of Ladbrokes and something to look into for a change.  You can also wager in the casino, try your luck on slot machines, visit the live casino, play Bingo, or even get in the Lotto.  There’s a lot to do on Ladbrokes.  But, this is a poker review.  And I am partial to poker!

Ladbrokes Poker Download

Software and Applications

I don’t know where to start with Ladbrokes software.  This is because you’ve got such a wide variety available to you at Ladbrokes Poker.  Access to the poker software is nearly limitless.

Mobile apps work very well with just about any device; iOS, Android, etc.  Same thing with PC operating systems.  You’ve got a Mac? No problem.

What more can you want?  If you feel like playing poker in your backyard at 3:00 in the morning while sipping whiskey from a flask and wearing pajamas, you can!  Mobile is everything, and Ladbrokes has it.  If you can’t already tell, I’m very pleased with Ladbrokes Poker’s apps for mobile poker play.

Being part of the iPoker network, Ladbrokes uses the Playtech software. While it’s not the best in our opinion, it’s more than well rounded enough to please beginner and advanced players alike.

Ladbrokes Poker Software

Allowed Third Party Poker Add-ons

Liked with most Playtech using providers (e.g. Titan Poker) the use of third party apps is limited, not encouraged but not banned. As with most other poker sites such as PokerStars the general rule is that if you’re using software that only enhances your skills and knowledge from personal data, then you should be okay.

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Promotions and VIP Scheme

With over €250,000 available in prize pools in January, the poker tables are running hard at Ladbrokes!  This January tournament poker is just an example of the type of promotions that go on at Ladbrokes Poker.

Ladbrokes Poker VIP

Get involved in the €100,000 extra cash missions promotion and you’ll be involved in four missions each week.  As you play, you will collect tokens for Freeroll games.  All you have to do is win big and keep yourself in the free tokens and winnings.  Rake the Rake is what I say!

Every Monday you can join the Weekly Booster.   For every 100 Status Points you earn, you’ll get €1 cash.  You can get up to €50 if you run the tables hard enough!

Ladbrokes has a wide variety of promotions that usually change on a monthly or quarterly basis.  By the time Spring comes this year, these developments will likely be entirely different.  But you can count on one sure thing, they will be worth taking advantage of!

The VIP scheme is worth talking about here.  This is a 6 tier program.  Each level awards players a higher amount of cash and rewards.  You’ll climb these tiers as you earn Player Points. These are what the levels look like:


VIP Level

VIP Name

Status Points required Per Month


Short Stack






Deep Stack



Chip Leader








Perhaps the best reward associated with climbing the VIP tier structure is the rakeback percentage that comes your way.  Allow me to show you:


VIP Level £5 £25 £100 £250 £500 £1,250 £3,000
VIP 2 13.33% 14.55% N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
VIP 3 14.55% 16.33% 17.78% N/A N/A N/A N/A
VIP 4 17.78% 18.60% 21.33% 22.22% 22.86% N/A N/A
VIP 5 22.86% 25.00% 27.83% 28.57% 30.77% 31.25% N/A
VIP 6 N/A 32.00% 32.00% 33.33% 34.04% 34.48% 35.04%

This VIP rakeback structure is phenomenal!  At tier 6 for example, you would be looking at nearly 35% rakeback which is tremendous!  Of course reaching the top takes a mixture of time, luck, and skill.  I wish you the best!

Customer Service and Support

Customer Service excellence is right at the top of Ladbrokes business model.  Reachable by email, telephone, live chat and all of this 24 x 7 and in multiple languages, Ladbrokes has their game down pat!

After doing a number of reviews of different online gambling sites, I’ve noted that often companies only meet the objective of customer service halfway.  Sometimes, I dare say, in a half-assed way.  Ladbrokes is the polar opposite.  These guys have pulled out the stops and combined being always available with always competent.  Great work Ladbrokes!

Player support is also present on the site.  If you’re needing a bit of education, there are helpful hints on poker play for players ranging from the novice to expert.  Ladbroke’s Poker also has an FAQ section to answer some of the more common problems which new players and customers experience.

Ladbrokes Poker Support

Company Information

Started up in 2000, Ladbrokes Poker boasts 3200 players during peak times on their site!  They certainly drive a lot of traffic to their site, and this keeps the poker table hopping!  Ladbrokes in based and licensed in London and has done an excellent job of reaching out to all of Europe.  They offer their services in 20 different languages after all!  This is a large, safe company with a long range.

Payouts have never been an issue for Ladbrokes.  When considering that some people have put significant amounts of money down, investing vast sums of time, and came away with big wins only to have the company not pay out, this is not a small issue.  Ladbrokes has an eventful history of making good.  As any gambler knows, one is only as good as his word.   Ladbrokes meets their obligations, so you know your money is your money!

Famous Ladbrokes Ambassadors

While we couldn’t find any Ladbrokes Poker ambassadors, they do have ex-footballer Chris Kamara representing the sports betting side of their business.

Ladbrokes Ambassador Chris Kamara

Ladbrokes Poker Review Conclusion

We liked:

  • Excellent VIP play
  • Great UK company
  • Good player base
  • Super VIP rakeback and rewards scheme

We weren’t sure about:

  • No allowed in the US

While some sites may profess to offer the most games, or maybe the softest competition, the best customer service, or most lucrative promotions, Ladbrokes does it all.  Ladbrokes has it all.  Too many promotions to name, an excellent VIP program, reliable customer service in multiple languages, support for advanced poker tactics, the ability to use third party software, very playable and user-friendly software.  Need I go on?

The bottom line is that Ladbrokes Poker is exceptional.  This site will, without a doubt, meet all of your need when it comes to poker.  I promise that you will have an outstanding experience with these folks.  Give Ladbrokes a try.

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