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On January 17, 2016
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Read our NetBet review to find out about the pros and cons of this online poker site and to claim the amazing NetBet bonus.

NetBet Poker Bonus

NetBet Poker Summary

As a matter of course, it should be your goal to locate and discover an online gambling site that is worth your time and that is safe to place your money into.  In this online NetBet Poker Review, I will demonstrate that NetBet Poker is just such a place.

From the sign-on bonus to an excellent VIP program, NetBet rewards investment and loyalty amongst players.  The company even has an active social media presence, forum, and other blogs that allow players to get that communal feel, learn from one another, and revel in their wins!  This is a nice touch and has attracted a younger set as well as the rest of us older dogs.  I include myself here!  Might I add that a younger set could mean softer competition.  While this is not always the case, the probability of it being so is higher.

NetBet Poker Bonus

The Bonus feature at NetBet is a magnificent offer.  In fact, this bonus ranks above most of what we’ve seen so far in our online gaming site reviews.  NetBet puts out a 200% match of your first deposit up to a maximum of €1500.  This is a generous bonus structure.

By signing up and making that first deposit, NetBet will also give you €20 to play with.  No strings attached.

Of course, as is standard with all online poker and gaming sites, you will have to earn the bonus.  What this means in a practical sense is that you must make points first.  Once 500 points are reached the bonus payout begins in $5 increments.  Again this structure is fairly standard across most online gambling sites.  As you earn this NetBet bonus, it is deposited directly to your account, and you may begin using it immediately for tournament or cash games on the site.

The VIP structure at NetBet is also worthy of exploring as a player.  More about the VIP scheme later in this online NetBet Poker Review.

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Games and Features

You will find the main squeeze of most poker players on NetBet.  Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hi/Lo are the where you’ll find the majority of the players.  But there’s also a great deal of action around the Seven Card Stud and Seven Card Stud 8 tables as well!  With an average of 2000 players on a daily basis on NetBet, you will have no shortage of times or games to play!  Start grinding now!

Formats for playing poker on NetBet Poker include tournament, cash games, and sit-n-go.  As I’ve mentioned all are equally well-populated with players and provide a multitude of opportunities to win!

NetBet also has Twister and Speed Poker!  Twister is a sit-n-go tournament style of poker and are three-handed games with a hyper-blind structure.  Prizes are selected randomly before the start of the game and winner takes all from the pool!  Speed Poker allows you to bug out, I mean literally leave the table at any point in the game if you’re not happy with your hand.  You’ll be magically teleported to another table with new players and most importantly, a new hand!

I’m very impressed with the poker rules, tools, and strategy help sections on the site.  Lots of great information here to serve as a reference or as a tutorial for those novice players among us.  I highly recommend taking full advantage of this free and well put together information!

Casino, Vegas, and Sports-betting are all alternative forms of online gambling at NetBet.  Of course, the focus of this online NetBet Poker Review is poker, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other games out there for you to get involved in and make money on!

NetBet Poker Download

Software and Applications

Using the iPoker software platform, NetBet is on solid footing.  Graphics are sharp, and speed of the action is superb. The software is ideal for those who are into multi-table play as the table sizes adjust automatically as you add or remove tables.  This is a great multi-table playing experience!

If however, you’re into multitasking you’ll find the software equally adaptable.  You’re able to minimize the entire playing screen so that only the cards are visible.  Doing so allows you to surf the web, or do whatever else it is you would like to do while playing poker.  Genius!

We are also big fans of the hand replayer feature that allows for quick viewing of previous hands.

Overall the iPoker software is a sound and pleasant playing experience.  You will thoroughly enjoy playing poker in such a well-though out forum.

NetBet Poker Software

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Promotions and VIP Scheme

There are many promotions on NetBet Poker, and they are constantly changing.  We’ve seen this type of format with other sites and its brilliant!  What happens is you as the player stay interested and are more likely to come back.  This makes for both sound marketing and player enjoyment.  So take full advantage of this outstanding promotions.

  • €100,000 Extra Cash Missions- Each week you deposit €10 or more into your account. In the first week of the mission every time you get dealt double jokers you win 3 FreeRoll Tokens!  The next week, if double JJ’s are in your hand, you’ll get a Happy Hour FreeRoll Token.  These prizes continue to change as the weeks go on.  This is an excellent way to earn immediate benefits by merely playing!
  • FreeRolls- There are both daily and VIP FreeRolls. Daily’s are free to enter and can be played by anyone.  VIP FreeRolls are reserved for those who’ve made their first deposit.  These VIP FreeRols have bigger prize pools and better prizes in general. I’d recommend depositing a starter amount and getting in on this immediately.
  • NetBet Poker Live Events- The Irish Poker Open is coming. And with €500,000 at stake you’d be well-advised to start working your way into the live event now!  This is possible by playing on NetBet Poker.  Play enough and win enough and you will qualify.  See you in Ireland!

NetBet Poker VIP

The VIP structure at NetBet Poker is great.  They set it up so that the Bronze and Silver levels are relatively easy to reach.  You’ll earn points as fees are paid for tournaments and rake is taken off of cash games.  So it’s a matter of how often and how high the stakes of the games you’re playing are.  The bigger and badder you are, the more you grind, the more you earn.

But what we like about this VIP scheme is that even the low rollers will earn at least Silver status and the ability to reap the rewards associated with those levels!

Bronze None (automatically enrolled)


Tournament tokens, Reload bonuses available in the VIP shop

x5 FreeRoll Access upon 1st deposit

Silver 20 per month Cash bonuses available in the VIP shop

X6 Daily/ x1 Final FreeRoll access

Gold 500 per month 60% access the VIP shop

X14 Instant Win FreeRoll access/ x2 Final FreeRoll access

Platinum 4,000 per month 80% access to the VIP shop

Unlimited daily and final FreeRoll access

Diamond 25,000 per month Unlimited VIP Shop and FreeRoll access

Customer Service and Support

Open 8 AM to Midnight UK time, the live chat feature is available in multiple languages.  If you have a less pressing issue, you can just email them at your convenience.  We found NetBet to be very responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable about their product and happy to rectify issues.  Great customer service at NetBet Poker.

NetBet Poker Support

Company Information

The Cosmo gaming company owns NetBet and is headquartered in Malta, although NetBet has multiple locations worldwide.  This is a huge company with some gravitas.

Just a side note.  When putting my money into any place where I can’t immediately get my hands on it, I want to know that it is as secure as anything can be.  I have found this to be the case with NetBet.  As a large, well-known company with a history of proper dealings and a reputation to protect, NetBet has not steered me wrong.

Famous NetBet Ambassadors

The Poker aspects of NetBet do not have any ambassadors, but for their other markets they do. Famous footballer Dan Petrescu recently signed up to represent

NetBet Poker Review Conclusion

We liked:

  • Part of the iPoker Network
  • Modern design
  • Instant bonus (very rare in the poker industry)
  • Free poker training
  • Great VIP scheme

We weren’t so sure about:

  • While great, levelling up VIP can be difficult

I believe that I have demonstrated why I know NetBet Poker to be a good bet.  Longevity, it’s membership in the iPoker Network, soft competition, primo software, and a robust VIP structure all add up to a win-win for players.

Even the social media aspect of the site is worth spending some time engaging in.  You’ll find yourself learning from other players, maybe getting a little annoyed with some at times, but that’s part of the fun!

The one drawback for NetBet is the lack of a mobile app for poker play.  While there is one for casino players, us poker players are left behind.  Perhaps the company will consider developing one shortly.

NetBet is an excellent source for poker players at all ranges of expertise.  I highly recommend getting involved at a lower level to start out.  Put a small deposit down, see how you like it, and if you’re as pleased as I was, then jump right into the action.  Take advantage of those promo’s and try your hand at qualifying for a seat at the Irish Open. I hope to see you there.

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