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Paddy Power

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On January 12, 2016
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While its not the biggest poker site around, after reading this Paddy Power Poker review you'll imminently want to head over and claim the great bonus.

Paddy Power Poker Bonus

Paddy Power Poker Summary

The sign that you are about to spend some quality time playing online poker starts with the feeling that your investment is secure.  The superficial stuff is great to have but before anything else you need to know that you are dealing with an organization that is fair.  This online Paddy Power Poker review will demonstrate to you why Paddy Power is just the experience you’ve been searching for.  Here you’ll find great software playability, customer service, and plenty of great games with soft competition.  What you will also find on Paddy Power is security.  With this peace of mind, you are free to grind away to your heart content!


Let’s continue with the review of Paddy Power Poker.

Paddy Power offers all new players a deposit bonus, which is 100% of your deposit up to $500.  This bonus is released in $5 increments as you accumulate Power Points.  You’ll need to get 335 points to release the $5.  This means that unlocking the entire $500 maximum matching would require earning 33,350 Power Points.  That’s a lot of poker playing so get busy!

You’ll earn those Power Points by playing.  As Paddy Power takes its rake, you earn Power Points.  €1 collected or paid in tournament fees equals 20 Power Points.  This is a typical bonus structure in online poker and as such it sits well with us.  Hey, free money is a good thing!  Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

Another great feature is that your earned Power Points can be used simultaneously in the VIP structure.  I’ll explain the VIP structure in a moment.

Paddy Power Download

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Games and Features

Paddy Poker sticks to tradition.  Texas Hold’Em, Omaha, and Seven-Card Stud are the poker games you’ll find on Paddy Poker.  Tournament play, Sit and Go format, Cash games are all great options on the site.

The poker is loaded with plenty of features.  Paddy’s Pantsdown for example, yes we love the name too, is a promotion that gets you into a tournament game for $1 every night at 8 pm from Saturday through Thursday.  By playing two of these games per week, you are automatically entered into a $1,000 Freeroll and $1.10 buy-in tournament with a gracious $250 put up by Paddy Poker as the prize pool.

Another fun feature at Paddy Poker is Freddie Mays Bounty.   Paddy Poker starts Friday nights off with $100 added to the pool and $100 in bounties all for a small $11 buy-in!  Also, on Friday is the Full House game that for the same buy-in as Freddie Mays Bounty you’ll get a chance at a $2,500 pot!  Grind on!

As mentioned previously, cash games, Tournaments, Sit & Go’s are all poker playing options on Paddy Poker.  But if you’d like a change of pace you can try your hand at Casino, Sports Betting, or even Bingo!

On top of this, Paddy Power has a “Fun” section. While we’d disagree with the name, as it can be somewhat empty, this is where you can practice your skills by using playing with funny money.

Paddy Power Poker Software

Software and Applications

The site’s colour scheme is very attractive.  We like the green on red.  They’re bright colors and gets you into the felt and poker chip experience.  We also love the speed.  No difficulties at all with multiplayer, multiple tables, or the overall speed of the action as it unfolds.

One disappointment is that the mobile apps are currently offline presumably due to workups being done on the site.  While Paddy Power Poker advertised iOS as well as Android support, such mobile access is currently down.  We’re hoping they’ll get this up and running soon.


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Promotions and VIP Scheme

Paddy Power VIP

The VIP or Loyalty Program at Paddy Power consists of three levels.  You can see this below in the chart:

Loyalty Level Power Points Needed Bonuses Granted
Power One Zero $10, $15 bonuses

Weekly Freeroll

Power Two 500 Power Points per Quarter (3 months) $75 bonuses

$750 Freeroll

Power Three 3,000 Power Points per Quarter $250 bonuses

$750 Freeroll

Milestone Prize

Power Four 8,000 Power Points per Quarter $800 bonuses

$1,000 Freeroll every 4th Thursday

Milestone Prizes, Merchandise, Exclusive tickets, VIP promotions

Max Power 60,000 Power Points per Quarter $3,000 bonuses

Milestone Prizes, Merchandise, Exclusive tickets, VIP promotions

Max + Power 300,000 Power Points per Quarter $25,000 bonuses

Milestone Prizes, Merchandise, Exclusive tickets, VIP promotions

Customer Service and Support

24 x 7 customer support via email and telephone are selling points for Paddy Power Poker.  This is the type of support that sets companies above their competition.   There is also a lengthy and informative “How to Play Poker Tutorial” that novices or those looking for pointers will find invaluable.  Customer service at Paddy Power Poker scores high marks!

Paddy Power Support

Company Information

As a publicly traded company, Paddy Power Poker is the oldest gambling oriented organization in Ireland.  The company is also licensed in Ireland and enjoys the distinction of being the sponsor of the Irish Open every Easter weekend in Dublin, Ireland.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a gaming site online with the number of roots that this company has.  The majority of businesses in the online gaming industry are less than five years old.  Started in 1988, and averaging 8,000 cash games at the peak a day, Paddy Power Poker is at the top of its game.

Famous Paddy Power Ambassadors

Paddy Power doesn’t have a lot of ambassadors; that is to say, they have one. That is Kevin Pietersen, who used to play professional cricket for the UK. While this doesn’t do much for our poker player desires, it does give a good backing to the online betting aspect of this service.

Paddy Power Ambassador

Paddy Power Review Conclusion

We liked:

  • Part of the iPoker/ Playtech network
  • Massive brand power with plenty of official backing
  • You’ll have the luck of the Irish
  • Year round promotions
  • Simple and clear graphics

We weren’t so sure about:

  • Medium sized welcome bonus
  • Top VIP levels can be hard to reach

Quality means that you do a few things really well.  Paddy Power Poker does just that.  Poker and the playing experience are done right!  No major frills, but when you’re driving a Bentley does it really matter what colour it is?  Paddy Power Poker presents poker to its customers with style and security.  So, enjoy your playtime.

May the Luck of the Irish be with you!

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