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Review of: PokerSnowie
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On October 6, 2016
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PokerSnowie is a software that allows you to play poker against an AI and develop based on feedback. Read this detailed PokerSnowie Review to find out more.

In the mission to help you be the best poker player that you can, there are hundreds of different pieces of poker software in the market today. Often, minimising decisions can be key to maximising profit and making the correct software choice is just another of those scenarios. PokerSnowie is one of the most sophisticated off-table strategy aids available on the market. During this PokerSnowie review, I will outline its main features, how to use them and their application in today’s online games. So sit back and enjoy as we do the hard work in this PokerSnowie review, so you don’t have to!

  • ProsPROS
  • Great support
  • Fantastic value for money
  • Valuable for beginners and advanced players alike
  • ConsCONS
  • AI mainly represents the “ideal” poker player
  • Breaking down feedback even more

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Pricing and Target Market

The ability for PokerSnowie to review hands for both cash games and tournaments at a variety of different stack depths opens it up to a large potential user base. Additionally, PokerSnowie offers three different pricing plans for users, each tailored to a different market. Recreational players are often not going to be able to dedicate much time to using PokerSnowie. As such the ‘Starter’ plan gives limited access to features, but at a discounted rate when compared with the ‘Pro’ plan. Of course, for each plan you have a 10-day free trial to test it and ensure that you enjoy it.

PokerSnowie Price

For such advanced software, $34.99 for 12 months use is, in my opinion, incredible value for anyone. Especially for those wishing to vastly improve their poker game in a short space of time. I believe that the recreational player will gain the most benefit from using the software since it will open their eyes to playing a balanced strategy. A concept with which most professionals will already be familiar. Having said that, PokerSnowie is more than just a tool for creating balanced ranges. It allows the user to see where they are both gaining and losing the most EV (Expected Value). For a professional player, the value of this could very easily be more than the $229.95 price tag. If you’re not sold just yet, then keep reading this PokerSnowie review to find out more about this great software.

Features at a Glance

PokerSnowie is a software tool for players of all levels, from complete novices to poker professionals. It is an example of Artificial Intelligence (AI) software and uses artificial neural networks. PokerSnowie learns it’s strategy from playing millions of hands against itself and being able to recognize unsuccessful betting patterns. It removes these from its game plan as more and more hands are played against itself and via a learning algorithm. Thereby it converges to an optimal strategy.

The aim of PokerSnowie is to help players play an analytical and balanced strategy. Such that the possibility of exploitation is mimised. PokerSnowie thus provides us with a loose Game Theory Optimal (GTO) solution to poker hands. Hence, it has powerful applications when constructing an unexploitable game plan.

PokerSnowie Features

I was using the Pro plan for this PokerSnowie review, which gave me access to:

  • Challenge PokerSnowie with live advice
  • Error rate, game balance and statistics
  • Hand Browsing
  • 120,000 real money hand upload & analysis monthly
  • 3,000 scenario evaluations p/m
  • Hand Ranges and Preflop Advice

Poker Site Availability

Since PokerSnowie is an off-site poker strategy software, it means that it doesn’t matter which poker site you play on. Whether it’s PokerStars, 888 Poker or anything else, PokerSnowie won’t interfere with any real-time live games that you’re also running.

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PokerSnowie Training – Challenge PokerSnowie

One of the most interesting features to me was PokerSnowie’s challenge mode where the user can play against PokerSnowie itself! Being able to practice against a formidable opponent without risking real cash is invaluable to any player sharpening their strategy off the tables.

Upon opening the challenges tab within the PokerSnowie software, it is very easy and clear to navigate. I can choose between both Cash and Tournament game modes as well as any stack depth from 15-200bb. Furthermore, depending upon what form of poker I wish to analyse I can play against anywhere from 1-9 opponents. Instantly this seems very attractive since the software can appeal to a wide range of players. Since my specialty is 6-max cash games, I chose to play vs. five opponents with a stack depth of 100bb. I’ll soon be uploading a clip of me playing 100 hands vs. PokerSnowie, after which I use the software to analyse any mistakes I may have made.

PokerSnowie Review

The in-game software is fast, smooth and efficient making for a pleasant user experience. Surprisingly, there is no delay between you acting and PokerSnowie responding as I was expecting there may be. Both of these factors allow the user to play a reasonable number of hands in a short space of time. Furthermore, it’s possible to play at as many tables as you want. After a small delay, it imports the hands played, and the user can analyse their play against PokerSnowie.

Value of multi-tabling

  1. More tables mean that more hands can be played in a shorter space of time. Therefore allowing users to identify mistakes faster
  2. When playing online, players will often play more than one table. By playing only one table, users have longer to make decisions and hence mistakes that could be made online may not be made within the PokerSnowie client.

Hand Browsing/Analysis

The ability to browse any hand from an imported sample is fascinating as it allows you to see how PokerSnowie would have played any spot compared with you. Browsing enables you to view any mistakes that you may make in game, and attempt to understand why and how to adjust. In addition to reviewing hands you played vs. PokerSnowie, you can import hands from online poker sites including market leaders such as Pokerstars and 888. This final feature is what makes PokerSnowie so unique! PokerSnowie will locate errors within your hand histories rather than you having to trawl through yourself and make educated guesses.

Additionally, PokerSnowie gives you the EVs (Expected Value) of all different decisions at each node, allowing you to see a multitude of different strategic options available to you. As a player being able to quantifiably see whether or not you are choosing the correct bet sizing and hands within your range construction is invaluable and PokerSnowie makes this possible.

One thing I would note, however, is that PokerSnowie gives for each hand advice founded from the strategy that it employs itself. Since in online games very few people will play as balanced as PokerSnowie does, its applications are limited. This limitation exists because although the highest EV option against a balanced opponent may be one thing, versus an unbalanced opponent it may be entirely different. Thus, to maximise the value the software offers, intuition must be used so as to understand where you should deviate from an unexploitable strategy yourself. This is demonstrated below.

Hand Analysis Example

This hand history is from a 100nl online game that I played myself on Pokerstars, where PokerSnowie identified my strategy as a ‘blunder.’ Upon inspection, however, it is clear that the strategy employed by myself was correct.

I raise the High Jack (HJ) with 9s9h to 2.5 big blinds (bb) and face a 3-bet from my opposition in the Small Blind (SB). Having played with this player this session, I know that he does not like to fold preflop. Pocket 9s is a hand that is often winning now, however, plays poorly postflop unless it improves and it needs protection from any overcard that my opponent may hold. I decide to move all-in for the player’s remaining chips, and he calls 61bb effective with 2h3h. We can see that the right play in game was made even though PokerSnowie believes the EV of all-in to be -4.35bb compared with the EV of a call being +0.33bb. Versus a player who will raise and call a hand as weak as 2h3h we want to get all the money in preflop

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Suggestions for Improvements

When doing this PokerSnowie review, I was very surprised by how smooth and efficient the software was. Having used many different products offered by competitors it was refreshing to test something new that I honestly felt could make a positive impact on my game. Additionally, the software was very user-friendly, and it was easy for me to upload my online hand histories as well as navigate the client.

Finally, when analysing hands within PokerSnowie, it shows the EV of different decisions at each node which is extremely valuable. However, I feel that in order to truly learn how to play balanced, the WHY is the most important. To understand why one decision is more profitable than another you must understand how PokerSnowie plays other hands in its range. I feel this could be achieved by giving an option to view the whole of PokerSnowie’s strategy at each node. In doing this users will then be able to learn how to identify correctly the best strategy choice in other similar situations, as well as why it might be best to deviate from a balanced strategy. This final point is especially notable as very few people play in games where opponents play ranges the same way PokerSnowie does.

Customer Service and Support

During my PokerSnow review, I also gave the customer support team a test. Since what use is a piece of software if no-one is there to help you if you get stuck. While a contact email is the most direct way, there is also an FAQ and Online Manual to help you learn the software and try and solve any issues you’re experiencing. Support was extremely efficient and fast, and on the whole I found nothing to complain about.


Company Information

Snowie Games Ltd was founded in 2012 and they have constantly grown and developed since then. While their primary offering is, of course, PokerSnow, they also have a free Preflop Advisor application for mobiles. They previously ran BackgammonSnowie as well.

Snowie Games Ltd

While the company doesn’t have any famous ambassadors, it does have some great success stories, and we haven’t been able to find anything disconcerting or worrying about them.

PokerSnowie Review Conclusion

User Friendliness: 4/5
Quality: 4/5
Value for Money: 5/5
Design: 4/5
Usefulness: 5/5


PokerSnowie is arguably the most sophisticated piece of software available to poker players of any ability. Their pricing plan means that access to an extremely powerful learning tool is readily available regardless of budget since annual subscription begins at just $34.99. My experience with PokerSnowie has been nothing but positive and I honestly feel that it has improved my game, even in the short space of time I have been exposed to it. My only regret? I didn’t buy it sooner. PokerSnowie comes highly recommended to anybody wishing to take their poker game to the next level.

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Patrick Sekinger is from the UK and is an avid poker enthusiast, currently playing both live and online as a professional poker player. Patrick plays all formats of NLHE, however specialises in 100bb cash games and you will find him regularly playing in the small stakes games on Pokerstars.

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