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On November 6, 2016
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PurePlay Poker Review Summary

In the crowded world of online poker rooms, it can be hard to determine which ones are legitimate and which ones are sketchy. To that end, we hope to provide you with the best reviews of poker sites possible so that you can make an informed decision when looking at online rooms to join. In this installment, we look at the site When researching the site for this PurePlay Poker review, we found limited information as to the mechanics of the site itself, but a lot of customer reviews claiming that it is a scam. It seems like there is a lot more negative response to PurePlay than positive, so keep that in mind as we go over the details and logistics of signing with them.

That being said, here is what you can expect when joining

  • ProsPROS
  • Selection of poker games to play for free
  • ConsCONS
  • Questionable trustworthiness
  • Weak software
  • Ugly interface
  • Poor cash prize opportunities

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PurePlay Bonus

PurePlay Homepage

The main distinguishing feature of this site is that you pay for a monthly subscription, but you don’t actually play for real money. Instead, the site gives you fake money which you can then use to try and enter into tournaments that pay cash. Thus, the site doesn’t offer any deposit or sign up bonuses like most other poker rooms. Again, when we looked into PurePlay, a lot of customers felt that the site was ripping them off by forbidding them from entering cash tournaments. That, or just not paying out what was owed. Thus, we would not recommend trying to earn money with this site. If you want to play for fun and don’t mind paying a monthly fee for the privilege, then PurePlay may be for you. However, given the negative reviews we’ve seen, we would not suggest that you expect to be paid anything in return.

As far as VIP options go, there are two membership options: Basic and Premium. According to the site, Basic memberships are free, and Premium ones go for $25 a month. We’ll go into more detail about the difference between these memberships later on in the review.

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Games and Features

PurePlay Lobby

If playing for free is more your style, then PurePlay has quite a lot to offer. In addition to the poker room, there is a casino that offers slots and other table games. All of these are still free, meaning that your account balance is ultimately worthless. If you want to get better at these games without risking real money, you can play to your heart’s content.

As far as poker games go, PurePlay has a relatively average selection when compared to most other poker room. The site spreads Texas Hold Em and Omaha, as well as Omaha Hi-Lo, and Five or Seven Card Stud.

The games themselves are relatively simple and straightforward, so don’t expect many added features. You can multi-table on the site, however, which is a nice bonus. Note taking, and auto-betting doesn’t seem to come standard, though, so you are somewhat limited in your gameplay options.


One of the main appeals of PurePlay is the extensive tournament selection. For the most part, each of these tournaments is played with fake money and are not worth anything. The site does claim to offer entry into thousands of cash money games. This includes one that could allegedly get you a seat at the World Poker Tour. We did not see much evidence that these tournaments were real or valid, so proceed with caution. The play money options, however, seem to be regularly offered on the site.

With regards to site traffic, we were unable to find any hard numbers as to how many players are online at a given time, nor if there were peak hours for players. The site does boast that it has over eight million players, but we could not verify that number anywhere else. Overall, it seems like if you log in, you may or may not find action with other live players.

Software and Applications

PurePlay Software

As we mentioned above, the software for this site is somewhat limited. The graphics of the tables is decent, but hardly anything to write home about. You don’t customize any avatar, and your seat is chosen for you. This means you don’t get a ton of options to enhance your gaming experience. For the most part, the best parts of PurePlay are the Sit and Go Tournaments, as well as multi-tabling. Thus, if you’re looking to improve your skills and fundamentals, this could be a good site for you. If you’re trying to maximize your earnings or make a big payday, we don’t suggest that you hold your breath.

The games are played on a browser application, meaning that you can access your account and play on any computer with an internet connection. Since you don’t need to install anything on your desktop, you can play on a Mac, PC, or Linux machine. There is no word on a mobile site, so we can’t say if there is one now, or due soon.

One important note about the site is that we did encounter a lot of complaints about crashes and bugs. Some members complained that they were unable to login to their account for days or weeks on end, and other people said that the site would crash while they were playing. When we tried to find out which network the site operated on, all we could discover was that it is independently operated.

Allowed Third Party Poker Add-ons

We couldn’t find any evidence for or against player’s use of third-party add-ons. As always, when a site doesn’t explicitly say you can use them, we advise caution.

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Promotions and VIP Scheme

Since you don’t play with real money, PurePlay does not have any cash promotions or a traditional VIP scheme. Two membership types are available at the site: basic and premium. When you sign up for a basic account, you get a free trial of the premium membership with no obligation to continue after thirty days.

So what’s the difference between the two? As far as we could tell, Premium Members get more play chips per month and more access to cash tournaments. While the site does promise that you can win real money in all of the premium tournaments offered, we did find a lot of evidence that customers did not receive either the money they were owed or were denied entry into cash tournaments for unknown reasons. It seems the Premium Membership is only worth it if you want more free money to play with each month.

PurePlay VIP

Customer Service and Support

Given the number of negative reviews we’ve seen about PurePlay, we surmised that the customer service department is not great. There is an email you can contact, as well as a FAQ section should you run into any problems, but we did hear a lot of negative comments that the support team takes forever to get back to you or just ignores your complaint altogether. Overall, the service and support section seems to be more lip service than anything.

Company Information

One of the most troubling aspects about PurePlay is the fact that we were unable to find any company information. Even the site itself is rather coy about who created it, claiming that it was founded by “two entrepreneurs.” Who these people are is a mystery, however, as is the company that owns the site. We also know that the network that supports the game software is independent, meaning that we cannot verify how well it works or if it has any other sites on it. As we mentioned earlier, many of the complaints we saw were relating to site crashes and bugs in the system.

The only verifiable information that we could find on the company was the founding date of 2004. Other than that, we don’t know if they are licensed, who owns and manages the site, or anything else regarding the company.

Famous PurePlay Ambassadors

We can’t find any record of ambassadors for PurePlay.

PurePlay Poker Review Conclusion

We liked:

  • A respectable selection of games you can play for free.

We weren’t so sure about:

  • The site has a poor reputation, with bug-ridden software and a poor track record of paying out
  • It has a very sloppy and ungainly interface
  • No business information is available
  • Very limited FAQ section by way of customer support.

After doing our research for this PurePlay Poker review, we would strongly recommend that you go elsewhere for your poker fix. One of the few highlights that we found was that the site is supposedly open to US players, but when we tried to sign up, it said that our area was unavailable, even though we accessed the site in the states.

Nonetheless, you can find plenty of other free play sites that don’t require a membership fee and have much better customer reviews. Two big red flags that we noticed were a lack of company information and the fact that there are many more negative reviews than positive ones. Overall, we suggest you avoid PurePlay, at least until the site gets its act together.  If you’re still itching for some good subscription based poker, check out ClubWPT instead. It covers all the bases much better and with links to a live poker tour, you know you’re in good hands. Our PurePlay Poker review certainly isn’t very shiny, but we hope you enjoyed it nonetheless – please rate and comment below!

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I am a poker enthusiast who also enjoys sailing, rugby, and gaming. A relative newcomer to the world of online poker, I will be putting our strategy guides to the test as I start the Bankroll Challenge: how far can I get without depositing a single penny? Keep an eye out for updates.

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