Quarter Poker Review – What can you do with 25¢?

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On November 5, 2016
Last modified:November 6, 2016

Summary: is a subscription poker site with a twist! How much can you make from a bankroll of $0.25? Read our Quarter Poker Review to find out more!

Quarter Poker Review

Quarter Poker Review Summary

When it comes to playing poker online, there are two types of sites: free money and real money. If you just want to play for fun, then fake money sites are available all over the place for you to get some hands in without ever worrying about your bank account. The biggest problem with play money sites, though, is that no one takes them seriously. You may have people betting each round on a stupid hand and raking it in just because a convenient six came on the river, meaning that your pair of kings is all but worthless.

What if you want to play for real money, but don’t want to break the bank? What if there was a way you can get people to play seriously, but without any of the risk? On such site hopes to bring competitiveness to what is essentially free play, with the site Why is it called quarter poker? Well, because you only bet with a quarter, of course! If you’re intrigued, then read on and find out more about this audacious and potentially auspicious poker room.

  • ProsPROS
  • Simple concept
  • Quality software
  • ConsCONS
  • Very restrictive
  • Only 50% winnings for non-members

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Quarter Poker Bonus

Unless you’re a US player, then you’re probably used to cash sites offering big incentives to join, usually with a deposit match where you can get money just for playing on the tables, regardless of whether or not you win. Quarter Poker is not one of those sites and therefore doesn’t have any bonuses to speak of.

If you are a US Player, then you will be interested in learning that the site is open to real players and you can win real money. Though it will take a while to earn any substantial amount. As we mentioned above, you play a quarter per hand, so it could take quite a few hands before you start making anything resembling a payday.

Part of the reason that the site doesn’t offer much in the way of rewards is that it’s still relatively new, and, as of our latest research, is still self-funded. That means that the owners are paying everyone out of their own pockets, rather than earning money to be redistributed. To keep the gameplay legal for US residents, the site cannot accept any cash from players.

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Games and Features

Quarter Poker Lobby

As far as we can tell, the only game offered on Quarter Poker is Texas Hold Em. The gameplay is very basic and limited, meaning that there is not much to go on besides the original table layout. You can play with six, ten, or twenty people at Sit and Go tables, and that’s pretty much it. The site did recently introduce a multi-table tournament on Sunday, but that’s all we could find out.

One important thing to know about the site is that you only get a single quarter per day. If you lose that quarter right away, you have to wait until tomorrow to play again for money. However, that doesn’t mean you have to stop playing altogether.

The Money

To keep players occupied while they wait for their daily top up, Quarter Poker also has free to play games, which are again, only Texas Hold Em. When playing on the site, you can earn either QPC or XCC.

QPC: these are the sites main chips, and they can be cashed out for money, provided that you have $50 or more in chips. QPC stands for Quarter Poker Chips, and they are worth $1 USD per $1 chip, although you don’t necessarily get a 1:1 ratio when cashing out. XCC: these are “Extra Credit Chips”, and you can use them to play for free on the site. However, they cannot win prizes or be redeemed for cash.

When it comes to cashing out your winnings, you only get a ratio of 1:2 (they improperly put it as 2:1 on the site), which means that for every $50 you cash out, you only get $25. The reason for this is that, since the site is still self-funded, you cannot win 100% of your earnings. Recently, however, they added a paid membership option, which means that you can get a 1:1 cashout ratio. We’ll explain more about the subscription process later.

Software and Applications

Quarter Poker Software

As far as software is concerned, Quarter Poker is about as barebones as you can get. As the site mentions, the owners built it themselves to cut down on costs, and it shows. The layout of the games is just a table, the other players’ avatars, a chat function, and some betting buttons. There are no options to multi-table, no notes, and no other added features to help make your gameplay unique or more engaging.

If you want a digital version of a poker room without any extra functions, Quarter Poker has you covered. What is nice, however, is that you play in your browser, which means that you can access the site and play without having to download anything. This means that the site is compatible with both PC and Mac. Trying to play on a smartphone or tablet is not advisable, considering that it is not optimized for a smaller screen. For now, you should only play on a desktop computer or laptop.

Membership Numbers

Another nice feature of the site is the fact that you can see how many players are online as soon as you open it up. If you refresh the page, it will update that number. Thus, you can decide if there is enough action for you to log in and start playing. At first, the site populated the tables with bots so that you could play immediately without having to wait. However, at this time it seems that more players have joined, which means that there are not as many bots. We cannot say for sure if there are any, but the site still says it employs bots on certain tables, so we assume that it’s still correct. Also, Quarter Poker boasts that it has over 10,000 subscribers, but it seems that it only maxes out at a few hundred online at any given time.

Allowed Third Party Poker Add-ons

We couldn’t find any information on the site regarding third-party add-ons. As always, we recommend caution if you choose to use them.

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Promotions and VIP Scheme

Quarter Poker VIP

Just like with the bonuses, Quarter Poker does not offer any special promotions at this time. Perhaps once the site figures out how to make money from advertising, then they can provide some bonuses or promotions.

As we mentioned earlier, Quarter Poker now offers a subscription package, which they call the Gold Membership. What are the perks of being a Gold Member? You can cash out 100% of your winnings (instead of only half), and, as the site says: “A warm fuzzy feeling from supporting Quarter Poker.” For almost ten dollars a month, it’s up to you whether or not being a VIP is worth it.

For our money, we would suggest you join for free and see how long it takes you to earn $50. If you can do so in a few days or a week, then by all means, become a VIP member. If, however, it takes you a month or more to earn enough to cash out, then it’s probably not worth the cost.

Customer Service and Support

When looking into customer service for the site, we couldn’t find much. It seems that Quarter Poker is very quick about paying you your cash (all via PayPal only), and there don’t appear to be many bugs on the site, so it could be that players don’t need to contact customer service that often.

Quarter Poker Support

The site does have a FAQ page and a ticket based email system, but not much else beyond that. There is no chat function or phone number to call, so you have to rely on expedient email responses. We did not find any issues with the ticket system, however, and the site seems to reply within a day or so. Overall, the customer service is about what you can expect from an independently owned and operated poker room.

Company Information

One of the worst things about Quarter Poker is that we cannot find out who owns it, where they are based, or if they are licensed at all. The site is all in English and seems only to cater to US residents, so we presume that it is based in the US somewhere.

As far as ownership goes, we meet “Alex” in the site’s promotional video, but that doesn’t mean he’s an official owner, only that he’s in the video. According to the FAQ page, Quarter Poker was started by a couple of guys, but that’s all we can ascertain for now. Again, this is an independently owned, operated, and funded site, so keep that in mind before you join.

Famous Quarter Poker Ambassadors

We can’t find anyone at all associated with this site, let alone an ambassador.

Quarter Poker Review Conclusion

We liked:

  • Points of good
  • Games are more competitive than most free play sites
  • Options to play for money or for free
  • Lists number of players once you open the page
  • No deposit required
  • Play in the browser

We weren’t so sure about:

  • Only one game to play
  • Limited functions on the table
  • Unknown company info
  • Only make half of what you earn
  • Need PayPal to cash out

Overall, the concept of Quarter Poker is pretty sound. If you want to play for free but still have stakes, then this is a good place to start. Also if you’re starting your poker journey with a very low bankroll, cashing out $25 dollars from here might help get you started.

As you can see, the site has some benefits, which we hope will only be improved as it grows in popularity. We can get behind the idea, especially since only having a quarter to start makes the game much more competitive, and if you do wind up earning a few hundred bucks, it really shows how good you are at the game.  We hope you enjoyed our Quarter Poker Review and look forward to seeing you at the tables!

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I am a poker enthusiast who also enjoys sailing, rugby, and gaming. A relative newcomer to the world of online poker, I will be putting our strategy guides to the test as I start the Bankroll Challenge: how far can I get without depositing a single penny? Keep an eye out for updates.

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