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Review of: Redbet Poker
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Evoke Gaming Limited

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On January 24, 2016
Last modified:January 23, 2017


Read this Redbet review to claim the awesome Redbet bonus offers and find out everything about this great online poker company.

Redbet Poker Bonus

RedBet Poker Summary

Redbet likes to stick to the basics.  Purists of sort, Redbet offers poker players some traditional poker play with Texas Hold’em and Omaha.  They make no bones about it.

In this online Redbet Poker Review, we’ll take a look at this online gambling company and see what sort of promotions, VIP schemes, software, and customer service they have to offer.  How do they measure up to the others?  Well, you’ve got to read on to find out, and this is essential if you want to invest your money and your time in online poker.

Read more of this online poker review of Redbet to find out what they are all about! Let’s start with the most important aspect, and that is the Redbet bonus offers.

RedBet Bonus

With a flexible bonus structure, Redbet puts you in charge.  This is a fine point, but one that is often overlooked by online gambling sites.  Players like to have options.  And Redbet gives you these options.

Here’s the bonus scheme:

Minimum Deposit Maximum Bonus Payout
€10 €10 €5 > 60 points
€50 €100 €10 > 90 points
€100 €500 €50 > 500 points
€250 €2500 €500 > 6500 points

You may choose either any of these, but remember this is for your first deposit only.  So make it count!  If you only play once in a great while, use the 1st option.  If you expect to spend all of your free time at the tables, well then go with number four if you have enough money.

You will have 60 days to get the most out of Redbet’s matching.  Choose wisely my friend!  They will give you a max bonus up to €2,500, so go for it if you can!

This is the maximum style bonus, rather than the matching style that so many other online poker sites offer.  No major difference, just free cash!

Then there’s the VIP scheme.  Keep on reading and I’ll introduce you to the VIP club!

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Games and Features

As I’ve mentioned Texas Hold’em and Omaha are the big games at Redbet.   Stakes vary but start as low as €0.01/€0.02.  You’ll find most of the traffic on the site with stakes in these lower ranges.  They do go as high as €10/€20, but traffic at these tables isn’t always hopping.  You’ll still find some takers though if you are a high roller.

There are no limit and pot limit options on all games.  If you like fast-fold style poker, try out Strobe poker.  With this style, you can move from your table as soon as you fold.  By the way, you may fold any time you wish.  You’ll be moved to another table, with new partners.  Similar to the Twister poker played on other online poker sites.

Casino and Sports betting are options for thrill seekers who want to vary their experience.  Personally, I like to stick to poker, it’s what I’m good at and prefer.  But if you’re looking for variety, it is there on Redbet.

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Software and Applications

The RedBet software uses the Ongame Network. With regards to design it’s very similar to that of Playtech, but we prefer the cleaner more straight forward look. In the

The lobby has a nice clean look with easy navigation so that you can easily get going on any poker game you’d like to play. There is also a Trial Games section where you can practice your poker strategy without having to worry about losing any money. Once you’re happy there, you should be easily able to move up to micro stakes and with time progress to high stakes.

When you’re on the tables, it’s very similar to all the other software around there. The windows are easy to customize in size as well as settings, e.g. bringing to front once it’s your turn. You can also tile them for easy multi-tabling. The big issue we had with it was that the colour of the actions doesn’t contrast with the background, making it hard to see them. Of course, once you get used to the software you can also use F1 to F3 as shortcut keys.

Casino, betting and poker are all available through your browser so you can play three card poker or bet on the horses, as long as you have an internet connection. While writing this review, I let the beautiful looking Glow Autoplay, and I was €278.50 up by the end. Shame it was on free slots mode, so I don’t get any cash in my pocket – just my luck!

RedBet Poker Software

Allowed Third Party Poker Add-ons

Poker Tracker is compatible with Redbet’s Boss software, meaning you’re able to use third-hand software at Redbet. Unfortunately, we were unable to determine to what extent. I’d like to assume that it’s similar to PokerStars, and any software is allowed as long as it’s an extension of your natural capabilities.

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Promotions and VIP Scheme

Redbet is right in league with the top contenders in the online gaming community with its many and superb promotions.

While these promos vary on a monthly basis, the Redbet Hunter Olomouc is coming up March 21st, 2016.  This is a huge tournament with a €165 buy-in for the ready and willing!  Located in the region of Czech Morovia, players will compete at poker for €110,000!   If you can make Morovia, there’s the live event coming soon.  The date is TBA!

RedBet Poker VIP Loyalty Rakeback

The Triple Impact Race takes place the first three months of the new year, and players divide the prizepool depending upon position in the leaderboard at the end of it.  Great promotion!

Claim the title of King of Odds and you’ll grab a quick share of €500!  If you place a bet that wins against the highest odds (of the month) you win a share.  There are five places for this challenge so you’re likely to get something if you’re grinding at your best.

Redbet’s VIP scheme.  This is one of the simplest VIP schemes I’ve seen yet.  And if I haven’t mentioned it before, I will now.  I like simple.  You know the old adage, KISS (keep it simple stupid)?   Well Redbet has.

For every €1 in tournament fees or rake you get 3.6 player points.  When you earn within the ranges listed below you earn cashback.  Simple.  Here it is:

VIP Level Player Points per month Cashback
Silver 1-1,250 8-12%
Gold 1,251-3,375 12-16%
Platinum 3,376-6,000+ 16-20%

Customer Service and Support

While not available 24 x 7, on the phones they are available from 0900 to 0100 hours which covers a pretty broad span of time.  Service is available in English and any of the Nordic languages; Swedish, Finnish, and Norwegian.  Do the live chat, or email and they’ll be right with you!

RedBet Poker Support

Company Information

Rebet has been around since 2002, and is owned by Evoke Gaming limited.  The company is based and licensed in Malta.  They’ve been a straight-up company without any major concerns that so often plague online gambling companies.  Redbet is on the up and up and has a well-deserved reputation for pay-outs that are timely, and no funny business.

Famous RedBet Poker Ambassadors

None other than the Swedish world champion female boxer Mikaela Lauren has joined Redbet as an ambassador for the Redbet brand.  As the reigning welterweight champion, Mikaela brings the spirit of boxing to Redbet.  Fight hard and play hard!

RedBet Poker Brand Ambassador Mikaela

RedBet Poker Review Conclusion

We like:

  • Great site especially for Scandinavian customers
  • Plenty of varying promotions
  • Twister Poker available
  • Great OnGame Network partner
  • Superb signup bonus

We weren’t so sure about:

  • Cashback levels could be higher
  • Traffic levels could be higher

Redbet is a good bet (I know I cant’ resist the pun!).  But it’s true.  Redbet will give you hours of poker enjoyment, on busy tables, with reasonable competition.  I haven’t found any sharks in the water!

The software is certainly playable, efficient, and fast.  Customer service is as good as any of them out there, maybe a little better with the friendliness.

The promotions are many, vary often, and have kept me interested.  And the VIP structure on the site is easy to understand, pulling no punches.

Redbet is a fair poker site, and one which gives you what it says it will.  Not that other sites don’t, but Redbet is successful at meeting its obligations.  Not a small thing!

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