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On January 23, 2016
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Have a look at this fantastic RedKings Poker review to find about the 7 different types of RedKings Poker bonus offers and all the other important details.

RedKings Poker Bonus

RedKings Poker Summary

RedKings Poker is at the top of the online gambling food chain.  Throw it all-in and get involved in this great company.  There is plenty of action with 5,000 players on the website at the peak of the day, and the poker tables are hopping.

In this online RedKings Poker review, I will give you reasons why I believe RedKings to be one of the most serious contenders out there in the online gaming industry today.

Let’s start with the bonus structure at RedKings.

RedKings Bonus

RedKings has a unique bonus scheme for poker players to take advantage of.  Really, of all of the poker sites that I’ve reviewed so far, RedKings is entirely different.  You have more choice with RedKings.  This is because you can take your bonus in small amounts if you are an infrequent player or if you are a serious grinder you can go for the gusto with the big matching bonus.

Let me explain how this works.

By choosing any of the six available schemes, you’ll earn money to use for play incrementally.  You can choose which of these you want be based on how often you intend to play and if you want incremental or fixed bonuses.  Remember this is for your initial deposit.

Choose Hearts250 and you’ll get €10 for every 120 points you earn.  This bonus is perfect for the once a week player who only want to deposit €100 who won’t be able to make enough points to take advantage of full matching.  You have 90 days to make enough points to get the full match bonus.

Choose Diamonds500 and you’ll get €50 for every 500 points you earn.  Kings1000 gives you €100 each 900 points earned.  These are great deals!

For more options geared to grinders who know they will be playing big time you have the following fixed bonus options: the Kingsize1250, which matches 100% up to €1250, the Kingsize2000, which matches 100% up to €2,000 and the Kingsize2500, which matches 100% up to €2500.  These are more traditional bonus structures.  Talk about options! For the first two you have 30 days and for Kingsize2500 you have 21days to earn the required points, so watch out! I prefer the incremental RedKinds Poker Bonus strategy as it suits my casual playing style better.

On top of this, if you get pocket red kings at any point, you will get €300 completely free, and if this hand is beaten you will get €500. These can only be claimed once in a lifetime; you will need to have earned 2400 and 4000 points respectively, and you will need to make sure you note down your hand number.

The VIP structure is equally massive at RedKings Poker.  You will earn access to tokens for tournament play, cash, and other prizes.  This is a can’t miss opportunity, that we cover later on in this review!

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Games and Features

Play Texas Hold’em, 7-card Stud Hi-lo, Omaha Hi-lo, and 5-card Stud at RedKings.  Keep in mind the promotions that I mentioned earlier when playing Texas Hold’em.  These are great deals for everyday players who are earning points on a regular basis.

You can play poker as no limit, pot limit, in cash or tournament style.  Multi-table tournament poker play is also an option. Alongside this, they have the increasing popular Strobe poker, which is their version of Zoom/ Rush.

Sports betting and Casino action are other options on RedKings if you’re looking for a change of venue.

RedKings Poker Download

Software and Applications

The software in use on RedKings is excellent quality.  The deep blue motif is entrancing and great for focus.  I’ve read that blue as a major color is known to keep attention.  And, at least anecdotally, I would have to agree.  RedKings is like an ocean of poker! The feel of it very similar to

Apps are available for poker play on mobile devices at RedKings.  Your iOS, or Android device will be compatible with RedKings, and you’ll have substantially full access to the site with any device!  I play poker at my mother-in-law’s.  Just kidding about that, my wife would have my head!  But, seriously, the apps are great! They are also developing a brand new HTML5 mobile version, which will provide you with even more flexibility, however, we still have to wait a few months for this.

RedKings Poker Software

Allowed Third Party Poker Add-ons

RedKings not only allows a limited number of third party applications, but they even promote and support it! If instead of using any of the RedKings Poker bonus schemes mentioned at the start you use one of the two different ones you can get Holdem Manage Pro2 for entirely free. Use the code HMPRO500 or HMPRO1000, and they will also credit you with money should you reach the required number of points.

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Promotions and VIP Scheme

RedKings Poker is loaded with promotions.  Do you play Texas Hold’em?  Well, as mentioned, every red king (hearts and diamonds) you draw in a game of Texas Hold’em earns you a €300 bonus!  This is unheard of.  You have to be at 2400 new points to take advantage of this offer, which means you’re playing a fair amount.

RedKings Poker Bonus

Then there is the pocket RedKings Bonus.  If you are beaten in the last hand of a game of Texas Hold’em and have pocket red kings, you’ll earn a €500 bonus!  For this deal, you have to be at 4000 new points.

Another great promotion is the Refer a Friend bonus.  For every player that you get to sign-up who deposits with RedKings Poker, you get a €50 bonus as does your friend.  That’s what Facebook is for!

Loyalty is rewarded at RedKings.  Ante up, and reap these generous rewards!

The VIP scheme at RedKings works similarly to many other online poker sites.  As you play, poker RedKings takes a rake.  You rise through the VIP ranks as you earn points that you get based on how much you play.  The more they rake, the more you earn. Bronze through Platinum require a monthly play, whereas for Platinum Elite to Royal VIP you have a whole year to achieve the required ‘poker crowns’.

Here’s a visual of what you get for your VIP level:

VIP Level Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Platinum Elite Diamond Elite Royal VIP
Multi-lingural customer support x x x x x x x
Frequent Special offers x x x x x x x
Special Sunday €100 Freerolls x x x x x x x
Refer a Friend Bonus x x x x x x x
Extra Freerolls x x x x x x x
Access to the VIP Show x x x x x x x
Extra Discounts on Merchandise x x x x x x
Gift Vouchers x x x x x x
Special Event Invitations x x x x x x
Player to Player Transfer x x x x x x
Exclusive Live Events Offers x x x x
Personal VIP Manager x x x
Play with Team RedKing x x
Support via MSN/ICQ x x
Concierge Service x


These rewards are substantial.  What I personally would like to shoot for is access to the live events.  This takes time and dedication, but it is within reach if the effort is extended.

Customer Service and Support

These folks are here 24 x 7, 365.  You can’t find this kind of customer service everywhere.  They also have a very informative FAQ section that will almost answer just about any question you could have.  But if you need them they are there!

RedKings Poker Support

Company Information

Owned by RK Corporation (hmm if only I knew what RK stood for) with licensing by the Government of Gibraltar, RedKings prides itself on maintaining a unique level of integrity and security on their site.  Using Sun Microsystem’s Secure Random as a way to encrypt data you can be very secure in knowing that your info is safe.

RedKings also realizes that the reason you are on their site in the first place is to win, to actually be first place.  And when you win you want to get paid!  This is why RedKings makes it a point to advertise timely payouts and quick responses to customer service inquiries.  RedKings customer service is available 24 x 7 so you will have full access to them 365 days a year!

Famous RedKings Ambassadors

Team RedKings is a formidable lot indeed!  There are a large number of team members, and if you play your cards right (pun intended), you could join them.

Team RedKings Poker Ambassador

The big leaders are Russians Pavel Osipenko, Sergey Galaktionov, and Konstantin Mikhalnya. Croatian Ivan Klaric is another top grinder representing RedKings.  These guys are at the height of their careers, and you can interact with them on RedKings Facebook page, read their tournament blogs, or if you’re lucky meet them at a live event.

RedKings Poker Review Conclusion

We liked:

  • Great VIP scheme and tournaments
  • Great signup bonus options
  • Available on all desktop operating systems

We weren’t so sure about:

  • More household name ambassadors would be appreciated
  • Not available on Android

When you are choosing a company to ally with for serious poker play, you need to choose well.  My goal here is to inform you in this online RedKings Poker review as to why this company is worth your time and effort.

Let’s start with sheer options.  You can pick your first deposit bonus structure.  This is a unique feature that I’ve not found offered by other companies in this industry.  Choose the structure that will get you the most benefit, that’s what it is all about.

Next, the top quality software.  Keeping a cool head and keeping focus is how poker hands are won.  The software on RedKings is not distracting, it supports this cool, calm poker play.

Finally, customer service.  You will have questions that will require an answer.  RedKings is there for you and is there is a timely manner.  These guys get it!

See you on the tables!

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