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On January 22, 2016
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Read this Sky Poker review to find out about the Sky Poker bonus structure on offer, and every other aspect of this UK online poker site.

SkyPoker Bonus

SkyPoker Summary

Poker is what it’s all about on Sky Poker.  Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hi/Lo keep the grind going 24 x 7.  Competition tends to be on the soft side, so get into the action and make your mark.

In this online Sky Poker Review, you’ll get a good sense of what it’s like to play on Sky Poker.  You’ll learn the ins and outs of playing on the site, as well as what is done well and what could use some improvement.

Use this review to keep you informed of all that Sky Poker has to offer and to help you determine if the company’s fit with your style.

SkyPoker Bonus

The Bonus Structure at Sky Poker gives you an excellent reward right off the bat.  Sign up and you’ll get £10 completely free – we always love a no deposit bonus code!  No strings attached with this deal, and we think it’s a great one.  The deal is further spiced up with a 200% match for your first deposit bonus.  Sky Poker will match up to £500!

There’s an equally impressive VIP structure at Sky Poker which will be addressed further on in this Sky Poker Review.

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Games and Features

Now the important stuff of any poker review, the poker!  Texas Hold’em is the largest draw on the site, and you’ll find the most players with the widest range of skills here.  Omaha Hi/Lo is also an option for some variety, or personal preference.

Poker can be played on Sky Poker within tournaments, cash games, or sit-n-go styles.   Many promotional features are discussed in greater detail later in this review.  I’ve found most promotional deals at Sky Poker to be fun, and I’ve made and lost a few euros along the way.  But the joy is in the journey right?

SkyPoker prides itself on being a teacher in the industry.  In Sky Poker School you can submit hands to analysts who will pick apart your strategy.  This is an excellent feature for new and old players alike.  Sky really does live up to its motto of “Up Your Game”!

Check out Youtube for a dedicated channel where you can stream previous episodes of the UK Poker Championships.  There are also lots of videos which serve as tutorials for skills and strategy for all things poker.

If you’re looking to try your luck at other games, Sky does Bingo and Sports betting as well as they do poker.  You’ll find no shortage of entertainment in these areas.

SkyPoker Download

Software and Applications

Sky Poker gets you playing immediately.  It’s a matter of a quick software download for the desktop, and you’re on the poker tables immediately.  The application works on Mac as well.  And this ease of use extends to your mobile devices as the site is accessible for nearly any device. Sky Poker is one of the few companies in the market that has their own software and doesn’t use PlayTech e.g. Titan Poker. Interestingly they have used Adobe Air for this, and while we found this to be a slight nuisance it has granted them the ability to design a pleasant and functional piece of poker software.

The Sky Poker app puts the poker in the palm of your hands.  All games are open to you be they cash or tournaments.  Access to poker strategy videos is also available through the app.  It’s presently in the works, but multi-tabling through the mobile app is soon to follow.

Unfortunately, the app is not available for Android.  However, all iOS mobile systems will work.

Sky Poker Software

Allowed Third Party Poker Add-ons

Because Sky Poker runs in Adobe Air, it makes it very hard for developers to write code that can extract data (such as poker hands being played) from it. This makes it near technically impossible and financially unsuitable for any company to develop a HUD or other third party app for it. This does mean that you are likely to find some fishes playing there, you will also find some very intelligent sharks at the higher level tables. It would also be useful if Sky Poker had a statement somewhere on their site about the stance on tracking tools such as Poker Tracker.

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Promotions and VIP Scheme

The VIP scheme at Sky Poker is known simply as the Priority Loyalty Program and it’s fairly simple and straightforward.  Points are earned through play in cash games, tournaments, or sit-n-go’s.  You can use these points as buy-in’s or as cash back.

SkyPoker Priority VIP

This is what the program looks like:

Blue 50-99 None £1,000 Freeroll (Mon-Fri)
Steel 100-499 £2.30 in Tournament Tokens £1,000 Freeroll (Mon-Fri)
Bronze 500-999 1p Bonus per Poker Point £1,000 Freeroll (Mon-Fri)
Silver 1,000-1,499 1.25p Bonus per Poker Point £1,000 Freeroll (Mon-Fri)
Gold 1,500-1,999 1.5p Bonus per Poker Point £1,000 Freeroll (Mon-Fri)
Platinum 2,000 + 2p Bonus per Poker Point £1,000 Freeroll (Mon-Fri)

As you climb to higher Poker Point levels you enter what is considered the priority VIP levels.  I’ve included a table to help you sort this out:

Priority Bronze 10,000 + 10% Rakeback £1,000 Freeroll (Mon-Fri)
Priority Silver 20,000+ 12.5% Rakeback £1,000 Freeroll (Mon-Fri)
Priority Gold 30,000+ 15% Rakeback £1,000 Freeroll (Mon-Fri)
Priority Platinum 50,000+ 20% Rakeback £1,000 Freeroll (Mon-Fri)

There are so many promotions at Sky Poker that I cannot name them all, but here are a few to get you started

The UK Poker Championships are held bi-annually and are a great way to get out and see some famous players.  Recently James Akenhead, Barny Boatman, and Dave Ulliott were present at the event.  The prize pool at this event has been as high as £1,000,000!

Every Sunday you can buy into the Super Roller.  This is a huge poker tournament held every week on Sunday like clockwork.  The competition is generally reasonable at this tournament with a mixture of soft and moderate talent.

Bounty Hunters is a very popular form of tournament.  This promotional feature on the site allows players to do exactly what the name implies.  Knock out your opponent before you become the victim.  Money is at stake for each bounty you successfully take!

The Turbo Open is another promo held each Tuesday during the week.  In this tournament Sky Poker speeds up the blinds.  The hands are real fast and you can win or lose big quickly so stay on your points!

Another bit of fun is the Rebuy Open on Wednesday’s.  Players can re-enter if all chips are lost.  This gives players a second chance at the pool.

Customer Service and Support

Need help?  Sky Poker representatives are available via telephone or email or chat.  The Live Chat service is available 24×7!  This is a large company with a well-known, practically household name in the UK.  You will have no trouble when reaching out to them and will find them to be helpful and polite.

One of the most remarkable and entertaining features of Sky Poker is the ‘Boss?1 Look Busy’ button on their homepage. If you click this button, a spreadsheet image will pop-up thereby imitating work. Of course, since it’s a gimmick, it’s not very realistic and if you’re boss does take a look then get ready to hand over some of your poker winnings.

SkyPoker Support

Company Information

Based in Britain, Sky Betting and Gaming is a multi-faceted and octopus-like organization with its hands in a little bit of everything.  Online betting, Casino, Bingo, and of course Sky Poker are the four pillars of this company.  As a sponsor of the UK Poker Championships held in Nottingham yearly, Sky Poker attracts some big names and talent to this event.

“Up Your Game” is the company slogan.  This phrase is meant to signify the mission of the company which is to see players grow and gain knowledge of the game of poker.  Truly, information is power.  And this is why Sky has chosen the slogan that they have.

Famous SkyPoker Ambassadors

None other than Neil Channing was chosen in 2014 as the ambassador for Sky Poker.  Mr. Channing’s wisdom is on display in blogs and strategy articles on the Sky site.  He also appears at the UK Poker Championships which are held in Nottingham every year.  Stop in and see some serious poker played by the best of the best.

Sky Poker Ambassador Neil Channing

SkyPoker Review Conclusion

We liked:

  • Great ambassador
  • Huge company backing
  • Great tournaments
  • Good cash games
  • Competition seems to be very soft
  • Excellent signup bonus

We weren’t so sure about:

  • The use of Adobe Air for it’s software
  • Only caters to English speakers

Sky Poker is a large company with local flare.  Based in the UK, the company caters to largely English speakers and players.  They have a large presence in the UK, hosting poker a huge poker tournament in Nottingham.  At this point, the company is stable and shows all signs of continuing on the same trajectory.  This is a relief for players depositing their hard-earned cash into their coffers.

The traditional style poker games are the main fare at SkyPoker.  I like this.  No bells and whistles to distract, simply poker.

One negative as mentioned previously is the lack of Android support, but for those with iOS systems access to nearly all of SkyPoker is granted.  The app is of high quality, and you will be pleased with your results.  I’m going to have to pick up an iPhone myself.

I would highly recommend spending some time at SkyPoker and working your way up the Loyalty program ladder.  You’ll be rewarded with a heavy Rakeback if you can reach the priority level.  Have fun and grind on!!

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