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On August 6, 2016
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Read our review of SwC Poker and find out why this is the place to be gambling your bitcoins! Seals With Clubs Poker review, bonuses and offers at PokerHack


SWC Poker Reward

SwC Poker Summary

When it comes to playing online poker for Bitcoin, SealsWithClubs was the original and is still the best.  In our Seals With Clubs review for 2016, we’ll cover everything you want to know about this unique poker website.  If you’re looking for a poker site that has all the games and features of the big sites with the anonymity of a bitcoin account, SwC Poker could be the best poker site for you!

SWC Poker

  • ProsPROS
  • Built around fast, secure bitcoin transactions
  • Wide variety of games available
  • ConsCONS
  • License still pending
  • Very few players

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Seals With Clubs Poker Bonus

Unlike cash poker websites, SealsWithClubs does not offer any bonuses that players can collect when they join.  There is no signup bonus, match percentage or maximum match amount.  Play on this site is straightforward: you make an initial deposit (in Bitcoin) and start to play poker.  For a VIP scheme, each time a player plays a raked hand, they receive bonus points called Krill to earn permanent rewards.  Krill totals never go down or reset, unlike most other poker websites.


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Games and Features

If you’re looking for game selection, Seals With Clubs is among the best in the world.  In addition to Texas Hold’em and Omaha, you can also play Stud games, draw games, and mixed games including HORSE.  Another game available is the increasingly popular Chinese Poker, with both open face and pineapple varieties.  This site is strictly limited to poker, with no casino or sports betting available.

Traffic on SwC Poker is pretty light, as players are still getting used to Bitcoin as a currency.  The number of players peaks at around fifty, averaging about 20 at any given time.  One great feature on this poker site is the number of hands you can play.  There is no limit, so you can play as many hands as you feel comfortable with, but you may struggle to find seats due to the low amount of player traffic.

SWC Poker Download

Software and Applications

The software on SealsWithClubs is visually appealing and operates smoothly.  One of the rewards from the VIP scheme is the ability to choose an avatar or chat color when you reach “Floundering Seal” level, which is cool.  At this time, SwC poker is only available for PC clients.  Apple users can use emulation software to access the site, but it may degrade the performance somewhat.  No mobile apps are currently available for SwC poker.  The owners state that Apple OS and mobile apps will be arriving in the near future, so stay tuned.  We believe the lack of mobile apps is what currently limits the growth of the SwC poker site.

SWC Poker Software

Allowed Third Party Poker Add-ons

No additional poker applications are allowed on the SwC Poker website. The management at SealsWithClubs are poker purists, so they discourage the use of any poker aids while playing here. Players suspecting others of using bots are encouraged to report bot users, in an effort to keep the games fair for everyone.

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Promotions and VIP Scheme

The VIP scheme on SealsWithClubs is straightforward and easy to use.  For each raked hand in which a player plays, they receive VIP points called Krill.  As a player’s Krill total grows, they get rewards including greater rakeback percentages.  Here is a breakdown of SwC’s Krill amounts and rewards:

SWC Poker VIP Scheme

Each week the highest Krill earners are listed on the leaderboard and they can earn bonus prizes.  Player Krill totals never go down or reset monthly; they just add up over time so you can earn a better rakeback!

SWC Poker Rakeback

SwC also has a Table Starter Rakeback promotion which awards 50% rakeback for all two and three handed games.  This feature helps to keep players playing even when the tables aren’t full, or some players are sitting out for a hand or two.  With a max Krill level, players can achieve 100% rakeback on this poker site, which is unmatched anywhere!

Customer Service and Support

This is another area where SwC poker could improve.  Customer service at this time is limited to e-mail and Twitter only.  Customers can expect a reply from the knowledgeable and helpful staff within 24 hours, and most complaints involving Bitcoin are resolved in favor of the customer.  The FAQ section on the SealsWithClubs website is extensive and will answer the majority of questions for new players, including using bitcoin, but the lack of a 24/7 phone number is a little disappointing.

Company Information

SealsWithClubs poker was originally founded in 2011 as the first poker platform to utilize Bitcoin as its currency.  After some legal issues, SwC launched the current website in March of 2013.  The face of the business is Bryan Micon, a professional poker player.  Other investors in the company are unknown, as is the physical location of the headquarters.  Most reports list the server location as either Curacao or Antigua in the Caribbean.

Much of the appeal of the SwC website is the aspect of anonymity, with users only being required to provide an e-mail address.  The ownership group seems to value its privacy as well.  Despite the air of mystery surrounding SwC poker, most customers claim that this poker site is the fairest one they have ever played on, with the lowest table rake in the business.

Famous SwC Poker Ambassadors

The primary ambassador for the SealsWithClubs website is its co-owner, Bryan Micon.  As a professional poker player, Bryan has an impressive poker resume and career winnings total.  He is the author of “The Micon System,” a book about successful poker playing strategy.  Micon discontinued his association with The Micon System when SealsWithClubs launched, to maintain a level of professionalism both for himself as a professional player, and for the website.

SWCPoker Review Conclusion

We liked:

  • Polished and clean interface, with good automation options
  • Huge variety of games

We weren’t so sure about:

  • Lacking players, so finding seats at a table you want to play can be slow
  • Customer support limited to email and Twitter

The whole idea behind SealsWithClubs poker is to provide a fun gaming environment that is fair, has the most games available, and takes the lowest rake.  In addition, using bitcoin instead of real currency, the creators hope to attract players worldwide.  In its original form, SwC was gaining momentum until Nevada gaming authorities raided Bryan Micon’s Las Vegas home.  They apparently saw no difference between using bitcoin or regular currencies and running an online poker site from within their state.  In this second version, the software is much improved, and the core mission remains the same.  There are no signup bonuses offered, reflecting the purist viewpoint of the owners.

The VIP scheme is easy to understand and use, which is a refreshing change from other poker sites. Look for improvements in software compatibility and mobile apps in the near future, and improved customer support.  For poker players who want a fair game with the lowest table rake, SealsWithClubs is a no-frills site with a great game selection.  If playing poker with bitcoins is appealing to you, SwC Poker is right up there among your best choices.

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