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On February 2, 2016
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Read this TigerGaming review to find out about the secrets of this Canadian company, play some unique poker and claim your TigerGaming bonus.

TigerGaming Poker Bonus

TigerGaming Summary

So you want to play poker online?  Maybe you’re a hardcore grinder, maybe a newbie or somewhere in the middle, but you want to play poker nonetheless.  Well, let me make it my job to show you a bit about TigerGaming before you jump in.  In this online TigerGaming Poker Review, I’ll offer the latest info on what these guys do well, and maybe what could use some improvement.

I’ll provide you with the details you need to make an educated decision as to which online gambling company to go with.  There are many to choose from and each year the list gets larger.  You need to consider many aspects of how a company does business before putting your hard earned money to work.  For example, security is huge, you’ll want to know that at a minimum what you put it you can pull out.  Also, the quality of things like software and customer service cannot go un-inspected.  The way a company conducts its customer service tells you how they see you, their customer.

So, let’s begin the online review of TigerGaming.

TigerGaming Bonus

The TigerGaming poker bonus scheme is very generous.  They’ll match 100% of your deposit up to $2,500, but only on your first deposit!  This is good money!  In fact, 2,500 is at the top range of what we see when reviewing the vast majority of these online gambling sites.  I would take full advantage of what TigerGaming is offering as these types of benefits do not always last.

Matching money is released to you as you earn POP points which are earned by playing in tournaments and cash poker games.  This style of bonus structure is very typical, but what isn’t quite as common is the large dollar amount of matching on TigerGaming!

As far as the VIP scheme is concerned, TigerGaming treats its players royally.  Generous rewards await those who can achieve on the leaderboard.  Read on to the VIP section of this TigerGaming review to find out more.

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Games and Features

TigerGaming Poker sports Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hi/Lo poker.  Be it no limit or pot limit, you’ll be able to choose from numerous tournaments and cash games on the site.   Sit-n-go’s are available in addition to tournaments if you are looking for something different.

Tigergaming has a unique aspect to its poker play option set.  This is, if you have the older software you’ll be able to play a wider variety of games.  These are called Legacy Games on  While this may seem a bit odd, it is true.  You can play Panguingue, Chinese Poker, 7 Card Stud, Big 2, and Guts Poker all with the older software.  This software is available for download if you wish.

In the Casino, Blackjack and other table games like Baccarat, Roulette, and Slots are there for you to enjoy.  Take a crack at these if your need a poker break, or try their sports bettings!  But don’t stay there too long, the poker tables are waiting for you!

TigerGaming Download

Software and Applications

While hand histories and a Buddy List are neat features on Poker, there is a small point at which the software goes a tiny bit sour.  TigerGaming does not (as of yet) have apps for mobile play.  This means that Android and iOS users may have to wait a while.  Not a dealbreaker, however!

The options continue at Tigergaming.  You may use player notes to keep track of your competition.  You may also use a Buddy List.  This allows you to play with other players by inviting them to join you in tournaments, or whatever you wish.

Also, as mentioned above, TigerPoker, in reality, has two pieces of software: new and legacy. We gave both of these a go and while the new software is definitely improved, if you want to pay more unique poker types you are constricted to the legacy version.

TigerGaming Software

Allowed Third Party Poker Add-ons

Unfortunately, with TigerGaming we were unable to determine whether they allow the use of any external software that aids with your poker skills and strategy.

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Promotions and VIP Scheme

At TigerGaming, the promotions are numerous and packed with big $ prize pools.  There are so many that I can’t get into them all here.  But here’s a few examples.

If you’re into multi-table play and you enter a Bronze, Silver, or Gold match and end up in the top 200 on the leaderboard when it’s over you’ll be entered into a $500 Face-off tournament!  No money spent with this promo, only the opportunity to win!

Like Texas Hold’em? Well simply play on specifically highlighted days between now and the Super bowl and if you hold a royal flush, bad beat, or four of a kind you could win 20 x the big blind!  More free money!

Every Saturday at high noon, play in the $80,000 prizepool tournament and vie for a share of these huge winnings!

These are just a few examples of the excellent promotions available on TigerGaming.  Sign-up today to avail yourself of their great offerings.

The VIP program at is set-up to inspire you to succeed.  You’ll see what I mean here if you read on.

At the lowest level “Cat with Claws” where if you opt-in for re-load bonuses you’ll get them based on the ranking in the leaderboard at the time of your request to opt-in.  So this changes.  Which is good, because I wouldn’t want to be a “Cat with Claws” forever.  My buddies would make fun of me!

Seriously, though, even being a “Cat” has its advantages.  At 15% reload bonus on deposits in the $10-$2,500 range, this is a great deal!  Of course, as you advance the offers get even better!

Here is the VIP chart below:

TigerGaming Poker VIP

Customer Service and Support

Customer Service at is 24×7 and they are available by Live Chat or email.  Being a Canadian company that caters primarily to English-speaking clientele, this is the only language that is offered for customer service.

24 x 7 service is not universally found on online gambling sites.  This is a great feature that Tigergaming has, and this is certainly useful in helping them rise above some of their competition in this area.  I don’t know how you feel about it, but if I have a question that involved my money, I want it answered right away.  Having someone there to answer me when I need them, even at 2:00 in the morning, indeed translates to peace of mind.

One feature that I love on TigerGaming is the detailed, yet easy to understand explanation of each poker game given.  This promotes learning and better playing.  You’ll also find a helpful FAQ section if you want to browse for some answers to your questions before chatting or emailing them.

TigerGaming Support

Company Information

A Canadian company, TigerGaming started in 1999.  The company is licensed in Curacao and owned by Action Commerce Limited.

It should be stated that Tigergaming has some degree of longevity in the online gambling world.  Fifteen years in on the high end of the range for the companies that we’ve reviewed thus far.  In that time, the company has not had any major concerns come its way.

Like most online gambling sites these days, they go through rigorous oversight processes that keep them honest.  And I’ve found them to be honest and straightforward in their methods. To top this of they have a 24hour cashout guarantee and they will double your cash if they don’t hold their word!

Famous TigerGaming Ambassadors

We could not locate any ambassadors for TigerGaming. They do have Team Tiger, which is made up of the leaderboard elite.  So, you will become a de-facto representative should you rise to the top of the leaderboard! Since they play along so well with the Tiger theme, we wish they would adopt a tiger to further their image!

TigerPoker Team Tiger

TigerGaming Poker Review Conclusion

We liked:

  • Great VIP scheme
  • Fun promotions
  • Large range of poker types not available elsewhere
  • Entertaining poker theme

We weren’t sure about:

  • Not the largest player base

All online gambling companies have various degrees of success with this or that.  No one company is created equal.  I can say after this review that is worth your effort.

A word about competition.  You’ll find reasonable competition on the site.  You won’t get sharked out of your first game, and there will be plenty of opportunities to make some money!

Promotions are one of the companies big strengths.  There are plenty of opportunities to win big once you climb to the top of that leaderboard.

The software is fast and excellent for playing.  Tigergaming will need to work on acquiring apps, which I hear in the near future for the company.  Apps would go a long way towards broadening the company’s appeal as mobile play is fast becoming the standard in the industry.

My recommendation is to play poker online at TigerGaming.  You are dealing with industry professionals who realize that you are a customer.  They want you to stay and play.  Good luck out there and see you on the tables!

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