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On January 17, 2016
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Read our TonyBet review to find out everything you need to know about this famous Chinese Poker Site - including the huge TonyBet bonus available.

TonyBet Poker Bonus

TonyBet Poker Summary

Want a shot at some significant cash and other prizes?  Try TonyBet.  As you’ll soon discover in this online TonyBet Poker Review, TonyBet is a great place to make your poker dollars.

Perhaps the biggest draw at TonyBet are the promotions.  The site is loaded with constantly changing promotions meant to grab and hold your attention.  And you know what, they’re pretty damn good!  Large prize pools, Vegas trips, the Winter Poker Festival this year, and much more to come!

As we explore below, the company doesn’t have a VIP scheme, this doesn’t cause any major concerns.  Instead of a confusion VIP structure based on earning points with rake and fees, TonyBet takes a reduced rake.  They don’t even collect rake on Holdem and Omaha Poker games. While previously banned, they have recently made this available in the following countries as well:  UK, Denmark and Lithuania.

Playing Open Chinese Poker is not only a pleasure but also something new and exciting.  The software provides a smooth and colorful experience.  You’ll be slinging chips and crushing the weak competition on the site in no time.

TonyBet Bonus

TonyBet starts out new players with a healthy premium.  Sign-up and avail yourself of the 100% bonus up to €2,000 in cash and €10 in tickets!  As with 99.9% of all online gaming sites out there, you have a period of time in which to earn this 100% matching bonus.  In TonyBet’s case, you’ll have 60 days to receive the cash.  The way this works is that when you play poker in any cash or tournament games, TonyBet takes a percentage off, or you pay fees to play.  This money releases the matching funds.

So the idea is to play and play often over those first 60 days to get the most out of the sign-on bonus program.  This, as I’ve mentioned, is a standard feature of online gaming sites.

TonyBet does not offer a VIP program at this time.  This fact is offset by the large number of promotions offered on TonyBet and the substantially above average signup bonus.

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Games and Features

TonyBet is well-known for its Chinese Poker variations on the site.  They are one of the few online gaming venues that have Chinese Poker available to patrons, and they do it very well. For this, they have the following variations: Pineapple, 2-7 Pineapple, Progressive Fantasy and Turbo.

We’ve read elsewhere that TonyBet also allows for Texas and Omaha, and they don’t even collect rake on these, which in theory would mean more money in your pocket! Unfortunately, as mentioned in the introduction these are not allowed in UK, Denmark and Lithuania.

If you’d like to take a chance at the Casino, this is another excellent option on the site.  Also, you can bet on sports or do some live betting as well.  Have fun!

TonyBet Download

Software and Applications

The software at this superb company is spot on.  Easy to manipulate, and easy to understand.  This is critical because you will be able to focus quickly on what you came to TonyBet to do, that is, play poker!

It’s also important to note here that not only is the software well design, it’s available for all major platforms including Mac, and as mentioned below, mobiles too.

Another great feature at TonyBet are the apps.  You will have access to TonyBet from nearly any mobile device!  iOS or Android, not a problem.  These mobile apps are well-designed and very functional.  You can deposit money, play poker, and do nearly everything that you’d be able to do from you lap or desktop.  Strong work here by TonyBet!

From all of our reviews, TonyBet must be commended for having brilliant, modern, flat design software that is available across all the main operating systems – 888 Poker and PokerStarts take note!

TonyBet Poker Software

Allowed Third Party Poker Add-ons

Since most poker software add-ons are designed with Texas and Omaha in mind, it’s unlikely that you’d be able to use much to help substantially increase your odds of winning (and still playing fair). However, it would still be nice to see TonyBet’s official stance on this.

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Promotions and VIP Scheme

If there is one thing besides Chinese Poker that TonyBet does very well, it’s promotions.  The company is loaded with ever-changed promotions to keep players interested and coming back for more.  This is not only an excellent strategy for the business, but it makes play much more exciting.

Starting off with the €10,000 Dreamerz Freeroll League, players can claim cash and prizes by joining in the €50 guaranteed daily Freeroll, the €500 Guaranteed Freeroll, and the €1,000 Guaranteed Freeroll to get a chance at these prizes.  If you’re in the top 20 players, you’ll get a share of the pot!

The Grinderz League is another promotion that I love.  If you want to play some hot Holdem you really will have to grind hard to win in the Grinderz League.  But this is what it takes!  Hard play, and playing often.  If you’re left in the top few, you’re looking at €15,000 in prizes to divvy up.

Maybe you’ll qualify to get into the TonyBet Winter Festival.  This is a 12-day long poker playing festival that you don’t want to miss.  Getting into it is the challenge.  You’ll need to make your way into the Main Event by playing your heart out and beating out the competition.  But, if you are one of the chosen 100 players, you’ll be working for a piece of this $500,000 cash and prizes event.

While a VIP scheme would be still great to see, with these great promotions we can forgive them.

Customer Service and Support

If there is one area that TonyBet lags slightly on its customer service.  Not that the representatives are not responsive and helpful, they are, and very much so.  No, it’s the simplicity of it that is problematic.  You can only access them by telephone or email.  They will get back to you in a timely fashion, or if you get them on the line you’ll have all the answers to your questions that you need.  But, overall, this aspect of TonyBet could be improved upon.

TonyBet Support

Company Information

The company was established in 2009 and since those early days has grown to the point that it has taken on UK, Danish, Estonian, and Lithuanian gaming licenses.  This growth has given the company a broad reach throughout most of Europe.

TonyBet has sponsored the Lithuania men’s national basketball team in 2010, and in 2013 expanded this relationship into a 4-year contract with the team.  They have not stopped there.  TonyBet is now sponsoring the leading Estonian basketball, football, and volleyball clubs as well.  The company has also recently expanded its interests into racing, sponsoring the Juta Racing Team of the Porsche Carrera Cup GB for the team’s debut year in 2015.

Famous TonyBet Poker Ambassadors

TonyBet has had some famous people represent them, but no review of them would be complete without mentioning Antanas ‘Tony G’ Guoge. While slightly egoistic, naming a company after yourself, this pro poker player, PokerNews founder, and an all-around good guy and businessman, has done an excellent job.

TonyBet Ambassador and Founder

TonyBet Poker Review Conclusion

We liked:

  • One of the only sites to support Chinese Poker
  • Great company and founder
  • Huge Bonus
  • Great applications for all operating system
  • Beautifully designed software

We weren’t so sure about:

  • Not much outside of Chinese Poker
  • Could do with more tournaments

I would highly recommend giving TonyBet a try.  The company is fair and responsive to any questions that you might have.  As I’ve said, the only real negative is the lack of live chat or other more immediate contact.  But this is easily overcome.

What is outstanding at TonyBet is the Chinese poker.  After all, this is what they are famous for.  The Hold’em and Omaha poker is also unbeatable.  After all, there is no rake on these games!

It’s also hard to beat the many and changing promotions offered by TonyBet.  You will certainly be kept entertained and engaged with all of their great promotions.  I hope to see you at the Winter Festival this year!

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