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On February 4, 2016
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Read this Winamax review to find out about this French poker provider and the amazing Winamax poker you can claim across it's European poker network.

Winamax Poker Bonus

Winamax Poker Summary

While there are many sites to choose from in the online arena, all online gambling sites are not created equal.  Would be poker players should take the time to investigate a site thoroughly before committing time, effort, and money.  This online Winamax Poker Review is intended to guide readers through Winamax Poker so that an educated decision can be made about the company.

Coming out of France, Winamax Poker has been around since 2010.  They are a great company with a good reputation.  No big red flags that stand out.  As a general statement, I can safely say that Winamax Poker is a good site to play poker on.  You should feel secure in your financial transactions with Winamax, and with the quality and fairness of the gaming experience that you’ll have on the site.

Let’s get into some of the details!

Winamax Poker Bonus

The bonus at Winamax is right up there with those offered by many other online sites.  They match 100% of your first deposit up to €500.  They will also refund your first sports bet up to €100!  This is a great example of how to attract and keep loyal customers, and Winamax understands the merits of doing business this way. While this isn’t anywhere near the highest bonus you could earn, it’s a very solid amount.

Winamax not only has an excellent bonus scheme, but their VIP scheme is also one of the best in the industry.

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Games and Features

Game choices are limited to a certain extent on Winamax Poker.  This is because French law places limitations on online gambling sites which restrict the use of certain numbers of games.  So, Texas Hold’em and Omaha it is!  There is nothing wrong with this, after all, these are the mainstays of nearly every online poker site out there today.  The only concern might be for players who favor variety and feel constrained by only these two options.

You can play poker at Winamax in tournaments where you will need to pay an entry fee of some sort, or you can play cash games.  The cash games take a small rake off the top.  Again, this is the standard in the online gambling industry, and the rake at Winamax is within reason.

Alongside this, they also have Expresso, which is their funny take on Jackpot sit and go’s. To top it off they have “Go Fast” a.k.a. fastfold poker, which is one of the latest hypes in the poker world.

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Software and Applications

Microgaming software is the backdrop for Winamax Poker.  This is great piece of software!  You will have the choice of 8 player multi-tabling, hand history, and player notes.  The latter two features give you a nice way of keeping tabs on your competitors as well as your own play.  This is a great way to learn and advance your skill set.

Other features offered by the software at Winamax are the outstanding options available to play poker online with them.  You can use a Windows-based operating system or Mac for PC play.  If you prefer to play from a mobile device, my favorite choice, you’ll have a nearly endless pool of options to consider.  Winamax Poker interfaces with Android or iOS devices and is the software delivers exceptional quality play on your mobile media device!  Apps, apps, and more apps for serious mobile players, a great feature from Winamax.

Winamax Poker Software

Allowed Third Party Poker Add-ons

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to determine whether Winamax allows the use of any third party software or not.

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Promotions and VIP Scheme

Winamax has many promotions that you can get involved in.  Their Grand Prix is a tournament with the option of playing multiple tables for a grand prize pool of €14,000!  Big money!

Winamax Poker VIP

The Cash Game Challenges occur weekly and sports prize pools of €5000 each!  You’ll be playing for your share of these winnings based on how you rank at the end of these games.

Sit & Go Challenges also occur weekly and have prizepools of €4000 apiece.  This is another way to increase your personal cash pool.

The Hand Challenge is a way to get €6000 for playing well.  This prize is earned on a weekly basis as well.  So many promotional offers at Winamax Poker it is difficult to keep tabs on them all.

Winamax Poker has a slightly different VIP reward structure than I’ve seen in many organizations.  They reward poker players on their site two ways instead of the typical one sided tier structure.  At Winimax, as you earn “miles”, which is the term they use to mean points, you climb your way among the monthly VIP tier chart.  You can look below to see what I mean.

You’ll earn miles by playing poker on Winamax.  Each time Winamax rakes and every time you pay a fee for tournament entry you earn miles.  These are tallied every month, and you are ranked based on the total number of miles you’ve put in.  The biggest reward that you gain from climbing this tier structure is an entry into Freeroll poker matches with progressively higher total prizepools!

Also, during the monthly VIP ranking, if you rank anywhere from Bronze or higher you will get instant cash bonuses in addition to the Freeroll poker entries!

Not only does Winamax Poker reward you for your monthly VIP status.  They also reward you for your yearly status.  So, they reward you twice for the cumulative statuses that you’ve earned after a years’ time with Winamax!  This is unheard of and is anything other than typical.  Most online poker sites throw you a bone or two, but Winamax outdoes the typical VIP profile.

Customer Service and Support

Unfortunately, Winamax doesn’t have the best support on the market. Their most common method is ticket support through email. They also have a snail-mail or the even more ancient option of fax! We’d like to see these options improve but in the meantime we did find the ticket support to be helpful enough.

Personally, I found the blog feature on the website very helpful.  Often you’ll find your question addressed incidentally on this blog, saving you the time and hassle of reaching out to customer service on your own time.  There is also a very well put together and informative FAQ section which addresses all of the most common problems which occur on the site.

Winamax has does an excellent job of keeping you the poker playing customer informed.  You’ll be very happy with the client service available at Winamax.

Winamax Poker Support

Alongside this, they also have a great poker school which allows you to learn and improve your poker skills.

Company Information

Established in 2010, Winamax Poker is relatively new in the online gambling industry.  Being new has not slowed the company down at all given the fact that their seven-day player average is about 1250 poker players.  This statistic puts the company somewhere in the mid-range for size.

Winamax is located in France and licensed by the French online Gaming Authority.  The company is overseen by this authority and appears to take the security of their player’s personal information very seriously.  They also have a good record for backing their promised pay-outs and meeting their obligations and promises.  Not a small thing!

Winamax also accepts a wide range of banks from which to make deposits.  They’ll take Skrill, Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Ukash, Paysafecard, PayPal, and Ticket Premium.  These are widely accepted and used companies in the online gambling industry and the broad base of payment options offered to player’s points to Winamax’s overall acceptance in the industry.

Team Winamax Ambassadors

Winamax Poker has some big names backing their product.  Notable French singer and actor, Patrick Bruel is so talented that this gentleman was appointed the Winamax person of the Year for his performance during 2014 and 2015.  At this same awards ceremony, he was named European Poker Awards Ambassador of the year.

Nicolas Levi is perhaps one of the most recognized poker players in all of the world.  This world class poker player has been a long time ambassador for Winamax.  He co-founded in 2013, which is the largest online database and social network for poker in the online world.

Team Winamax Poker

Winamax Poker Review Conclusion

We liked:

  • Very nice implementation of the Microgaming network
  • One of the only sites to support poker throughout Europe
  • Good level of cash and tournament traffic
  • Software for all platforms including Windows Mobile!
  • Fastfold and Jackpot Poker available

We weren’t so sure about:

  • Support could be better
  • Only Hold’em and Omaha

As I’ve made it clear throughout this online review of Winamax Poker.  In 2016, you would certainly do well to choose Winamax Poker as your home ground for top shelf poker.  This is a strong company with clear and forthright policies.  You know exactly what you’re getting into when you sign-up with Winamax.

Winamax enjoys the support of some well-known ambassadors in the poker world.  They also provide excellent customer service.  Winamax is good on its promise to pay, and safety and security of private and personal information is guarded.  What they may be lacking in game options, Winamax more than makes up for in overall quality.  This is a great choice when looking for a poker partner in an online arena where there are many options to choose from.

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