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On January 19, 2016
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Read this Winner Poker review to find out the pros cons and winner poker bonuses available at this superb poker room for winners.

Winner Poker Bonus

Winner Poker Summary

As online poker gaming sites go, Winner Poker is right up there with the best of them as this online Winner Poker review will demonstrate.

These guys are great at what they do.  From the highest quality customer service to a very generous bonus and VIP scheme, Winner Poker goes a long way to making players happy.

Utilization of the Playtech iPoker software is another great move on Winner Poker’s part.  This makes playing at any poker table fun and easy.  Pleasant graphics and pleasing sound make the game more exciting and as the software of the iPoker Network Playtech gets it.  This is an online gamer’s paradise!

Winner Poker Bonus

In what is by far the largest bonus of any poker site that we’ve reviewed thus far, Winner Poker offers 250% matching up to €1,500!  This is a very generous bonus scheme.  The way these work (if you’ve not been involved with a bonus set-up before) is that you earn points through both tournament and cash games.

Winner Poker also offers plays €10 in place of a sign-on bonus.  Think about this before you accept this bonus offer.  If you choose to take the free €10, you cannot later receive the matching sign-on bonus that you get with your first deposit.  The beauty of the free €10 is, well besides the fact that it’s free, that you can use it immediately and without making a deposit at all.  This decision just comes down to a matter of personal choice.

Read up on the VIP scheme offered by Winner Poker, which is explained later in this online Winner Poker Review.

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Games and Features

Winner Poker has the poker playing essentials.  Texas Hold’em, Five or Seven Card Stud, Omaha Hi/Lo, and just plain Omaha are the poker games played on the site.   These games can be played in single style tournaments with a max of 10 players or in jackpot tournaments.

The jackpot tournaments are a slightly different set-up and allow Sit-n-Go style play with low buy-ins and beautiful, plump prize pools!  The Dirty Dozen Jackpot is on the small end of this buy-in range while Fort Knox is up at the top end with a €50 + €9 buy-in!

Casino action or Bingo are other options if you want a change from grinding for a while.  These play well and see plenty of player action on the site.  Always a good choice for a little breather!

Winner Poker Download

Software and Applications

Using Playtech’s iPoker software makes Winner Poker’s site a pleasure to play on.   The iPoker Network is the same network which hosts many other prominent online gambling sites, such as Titan Poker and William Hill, so Winner Poker is in great company.

Playtech is known for its excellent graphics and high-quality sound.  You can also track statistics with the software.  This is ideal for players who want to see the percentage of viewed flops, locate the average pot size, and display their hand histories.

You are playing on top-quality software when you play on Playtech software.  You will not be disappointed.

It’s important to note that Winner Poker is available on nearly every possible platform.  You can use Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows to access via PC or your mobile device. It must be noted that this is due to the brand new HTML5 in-browser software they have and that they only have native software for Windows.

Winner Poker Software

Allowed Third Party Poker Add-ons

Unfortunately, during the course of this review, we were unable to determine what third party software, such as PokerTracker and Holdem Manager, are allowed by Winner Poker.

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Promotions and VIP Scheme

Winner Poker is chock full of promotions.  The tournaments stand out in my mind simply because of the massive prize pools.  A guaranteed €6,000,000 monthly is the current rate on tournaments as a whole!  This is a colossal giveaway.

Winner Poker VIP

Winner Poker also has Twister Sit-n-Go’s, and the Big Friday €30,000 guaranteed prize pool.  There are Step Tournaments, Jackpot tournaments, and every Monday night an Omaha tournament.  These promotions offer superior prize pools and draw many players.  There is always something happening at Winner Poker.  I like the Knockout Bounty tournaments which are challenging and exciting to play.  There’s a lot of money at stake and the pressure is on in these games to take out some of the top players.  Not easy, but great fun!

The VIP scheme at Winner Poker is as follows:

AMATEUR 0    No access Yes No access Yes
ROOKIE 50  Yes Yes No access Yes
INTERMEDIATE 188  Yes  Yes Yes Yes
SEMI-PRO 625 Yes Yes Yes Yes
PRO 1875 Yes Yes Yes Yes
MVP 5000 Yes Yes Yes Yes
STAR 12500 Yes Yes Yes Yes
SUPERSTAR 31250 Yes Yes Yes Yes
HALL OF FAME 62500 Yes Yes Yes Yes

The way that this VIP structure works is that rake taken from the top and fees for tournaments buys you points.  This is very simple really, play more and earn more points.

Here’s an example,

Let’s say you have three players going for the same pot.  Player 1 puts €20 down, Player 2 the same, and Player three puts down €10.  The total pot would be €50 and the rake taken would be €2.50, which is 5% of the pot.  Winner Poker gives players 16.875 points for every €1 they put in the pot.  So, since Player 1 gave €1 towards the rake, this player would get 16.875 points.  The same would go for Player 2.  But, since Player 3 gave a smaller percentage towards the pot, they would only get 8.4375 points.

This may seem a bit complex, but it’s quite straightforward.  The more you play and contribute to the pot, the more points you will earn.  As these points accumulate you climb the VIP ladder and open yourself up to rewards.  These points can be used in the Winner Poker store, on Freerolls, and for cashback!

Customer Service and Support

I’m hugely impressed with the responsive, 24 x 7 customer service which is provided by Winner Poker.  These guys and gals do care about the impression that they are portraying, and this shows in the level of quality customer service provided by the company.  You have a problem; they will find a solution!

Winner Poker Support

Company Information

The company is located in Antigua and is licensed by both Antigua and Barbuda.  Founded in 2001, Winner Poker has been around for a while and having joined the iPoker Network has risen in the ranks as one of the big boys.

Security is number one for most of us, and Winner Poker does an excellent job in making sure that their clients feel that their money is secure and that payouts happen as they are supposed to.

Famous Winner Poker Ambassadors

Unfortunately, unlike most heavy hitters in the poker industry, Winner Poker doesn’t have any famous people betting and play their poker cards. While this is a shame, it doesn’t detract from the overall experience that this poker software provides.

Winner Poker Review Conclusion

We liked:

  • Great initial bonus with the highest match percentage around
  • Part of the iPoker/ Playtech network
  • Good VIP scheme
  • Jackpot SnG and Speed poker available

We weren’t so sure about:

  • Limited amount of games
  • Only Windows software

If there is one thing that I do not like about Winner Poker, it would be the limit of the types of poker that can be played on the site.  But, to be fair, this same thing could be told about 80% of the poker sites out there today.  Most online poker sites offer the most traditional games and stick to what works.  So these comments are not a slight against Winner Poker. Instead, they are based more on personal preference.

The folks over at Winner Poker are a serious bunch.  They do customer service very well.  The software is great and they offer many new and exciting promotions that bring in players and build big pots.  If you’re a great poker player, I would recommend giving these guys a spin and trying your hand at some of the competition.

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