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Have a gander at this WSOP Review to find out about the great WSOP bonuses, Rakeback opportunities and other fantastic features of the company.

WSOP Poker Bonus

WSOP Review Summary

With a 99% stake in the Nevada online gambling market, WSOP is the premier place for online poker in the US.  The company also has a UK version of the site.

In this WSOP online poker review, I will take you through the ins and outs of playing on this site.

There is a lot to like about WSOP.  Robust and state-of-the-art software drives the system.  WSOP is also safe, and secure and backed by none other than Harrah’s, Caesars, and most of the other famous Vegas casinos.  Your money will be safe, and you will get your winnings on time.  This is critical for keeping and developing trust with players, and WSOP delivers!

WSOP Bonus

Get started on the site with a bonus program that pays you 100% up to $400 on your first deposit.  This works only on your first deposit, so the idea is to deposit the maximum amount upfront so that you’ll get the full 100% match.  This poker bonus is released in a number of steps. The first $10 in $1 chunks, then $40 in $5 chunks and the remainder in $10 chunks. Of course, to release these you will have to earn points and generate rake.

Keep in mind you will have 60 days to clear the bonus.  This is standard in the industry, but it behoves you to bear this in mind.

Alongside this, you will also get seven tickets for their daily $100 Welcome Week Freeroll tournaments. As a cherry on top, you’ll also get entry into a monthly $500 freeroll if you use the PROTECT code on your first deposit.

WSOP has a VIP program that is worth investigating.  I’ll get deeper into this for you later in this online WSOP Poker review.

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Games and Features

While you will be able to play No Limit Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, and Pot Limit Omaha High/Low on the site, the site typically maxes out at about 300 players.  This is about 40 cash game tables.

While these numbers are actually high for Nevada, they are very low compared to other online gaming sites.  Keep in mind though that in the US, there are limited options for online gambling.  And WSOP does an excellent job to make itself one of the best options out there!

No Limit Texas Hold’em tends to be the busiest tables at $.50/$1, while the Pot Limit Omaha games tend to have higher limits in the $.50/$1 to $2/$4 range.

There is a fairly hefty administration fee for Sit-n-Go format games if that is your cup of tea.  At 9%, this is relatively steep.

Multi-table tournament play at WSOP occurs in two tournaments which are both held on Sundays of each week.   The first tournament starts at 3 pm on Sunday with a $185 + 15 buy-in.  You’ll have 5,000 chips to work with.  Tournament number two begins at 6 pm on Sundays with a $91+9 buy-in and a $10,000 guaranteed prize pool.  Again, you’ll have 5,000 chips to start with for this tournament.

You’ll also find other tournaments going on throughout the day, and night-time brings $2,000 and a $3,000 tournaments.

I’ve found that these tournaments don’t all fill up due to the lower number of total site players.  Tournaments will be cancelled if less than 8 registered players.

For a change from poker, try the slots in the casino on WSOP! Of course, these will never beat the Vegas experience, but they do a hell of a job trying. Slots are only available on WSOP NJ, through Rio Casino.

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Software and Applications

888 Poker drives the software on WSOP.  This means you will be experiencing a superior level of quality while you play!

The software offers plenty of features to keep the game interesting.  You can tile as many as 9 table screens simultaneously or cascade them for a different view.

Chat may be enabled or disabled depending on your taste.  Personally, I like this off when I play.  I don’t need or want the distractions! On the flipside, it can be useful as chatty players tend to be not as good.

You have a nice note feature that allows you to record what you need to remember about each player.  Also, there are some easy to remember keyboard controls for a quick fold, call, bet, and raise.

Apps are available for both Android and iOS users so you’ll be able to take poker nearly anywhere as long as you have internet.   Enjoy the ride!

WSOP Poker Software

Allowed Third Party Poker Add-ons

Third party software is not allowed on WSOP! It is against the rules of the site and will get you kicked! So if you’re thinking of using Holdem Manager, Poker Tracker or anything similar, think again.

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Promotions and VIP Scheme

As with most other online poker sites, promotions vary and change monthly.  One constant is the Sit-n-Go leader board game and the cash game promo based on playing a minimum amount each day.

WSOP Poker Action Club VIP

WSOP has a simple, straightforward and superb VIP structure, commonly referred to as the Action Club.  I like the concept of providing a rake back to players instead of what most online poker clubs do, split rewards among cash, prizes, and tokens.

At WSOP rakeback is the bottom line.  As you grow in VIP status, the percentage of rakeback that you acquire increases.

Here’ how it looks:

Silver $100 monthly rake 8% rakeback
Gold $200 monthly rake 10% rakeback
Platinum $600 monthly rake 12% rakeback
Diamond $1,750 monthly rake 15% rakeback
Elite $20,000 annual rake 20% rakeback
Super Elite $125,000 annual rake 25% rakeback
Seven Stars $200,000 annual rake 35% rakeback


This is a nice and simple plan that players can take advantage of.  I’m partial to clarity, and WSOP delivers in this respect. For NJ the loyalty levels are as follows: Copper, Copper+, Bronze, Bronze+, Silver, Silver+ Gold, Gold+, Platinum, Platinum+, Diamond, Diamond+, Elite, Super Elite, Seven Stars.

Customer Service and Support

Available by telephone, via their online Help Desk or email, WSOP certainly gives you an adequate number of options to stay in touch and get your questions answered.  What is unfavourable is the up to 72 hours they can take to get back to you.  This is extensive, but we found typical response time to be well under 24 hours.

We did find however that the folks we dealt with were very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful which balances out the long wait times.

WSOP Support

Company Information

In 2009, the famous Harrah’s signed with 888 Holdings to provide online gambling services to the enterprise.  Since then the company has grown to provide poker online through an interstate gambling agreement to Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey.  Outside of the states, WSOP is also available in the UK. They are also in partnership with 888 Poker to help stay on the right side of the law even across the pond.

Famous WSOP Ambassadors

Dominik Neitsche recently joined the crew over at WSOP Poker.  As a member of the 888 Pro Team, Dominik had the biggest winnings in 2015.  He is truly a great poker player!

WSOP Poker Ambassador

Sofia Lovgren, a Swede of course, is another member of the sponsors at WSOP and a big draw. As is Jackie Glazier, Bruno Kuwauti, and Nicolau Villa.

And we can’t forget about all the WSOP bracelet winners out there! Owning one of these beauties in the poker world is one of the most prestigious honours and should you ever win one, you’ll be in the history books forever.

WSOP Poker Review Conclusion

We liked:

  • WSOP represents the best of Poker
  • US players rejoice
  • Great cash games and tournaments

We weren’t so sure about:

  • Online poker not as good as the real world championships
  • Low number of players

In the US, where WSOP poker reigns king among its competitors, there are simply not many good online gambling sites to choose from. WSOP is one of the good guys.

Limitations of the site actually only involve the relatively small number of online players.  At 600 during peak hours, the tables and games are sometimes minimally populated.  With this said, WSOP makes up for this by using 888 software which provided extremely high-quality poker play!

There are plenty of prime poker sponsors of the site as well, which speaks to WSOP’s ability to attract good players.

Lots of game features, Sit-n-Go, Tournaments, and Freerolls make poker gameplay interesting.  Promotions galore and ever-changing at that, add to the positive experience.

I hope that this online WSOP Poker review has made you a fan of this beautiful company.  See you at the tables!

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